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exotic cheroot

euphemism Marijuana or a marijuana cigarette. Coined by the British satirical magazine Private Eye. Primarily heard in UK. The young up-and-coming doctor was caught by police with an exotic cheroot in his pocket. I'd say you've been smoking too much exotic cheroot lately, because that's the stupidest idea I've ever heard!
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exotic dancer

Someone who dances seductively for an audience while wearing little or no clothing. Please tell me you didn't go see exotic dancers during your bachelor party.
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Martin, now bad boy Steve in EastEnders, reckoned the band was like "a trip to Benidorm" with all the same class and exoticness.
Even as Rindy constructs Ro as desirable, and masculine, and so refuses American stereotypes of unattractive and effeminate Asian men, she becomes mired in the language of "foreignness" and "exoticness" to articulate his desirability.
Avocados eventually lost their exoticness, and as food fashions changed, the salad got a little rusty and faded into the background.
The very exoticness and newness of their surroundings would motivate them to learn more about Thai society and culture.
With this imagery, a new advertising niche or market image is created, touting the exoticness of tea as "a fine blend of African teas" or "a melange of teas from Russia." Blending has always been a way to protect any distributor from the occasional and unavoidable inferior product that gets shipped to them.
Nonetheless, reading it, I wondered what was preventing her from applying a similar critique to the "normal," non-spiritual S/M world with its hierarchies of expertise, exoticness, outlaw chic and topness, its endless internal competition.
Although the location's exoticness fits the author/producer's oeuvre, she also is inclined to pick topical stories that are in the news.
Their exoticness related to the distant Aegean, however, remained an important element in their accruement of prestige and explains their presence on the walls of a Syrian palatial structure.
This included the construction of a perception of exoticness as represented by literature descriptions and visual art depictions of the women of the Orient.
Emphasize that exoticness by presenting the myriad flavors of Caribbean cuisine.
We hear enthralling stories of its wonders, its exoticness in a conversation William and Marianne have aboard the ship Green Dolphin when Captain O'Hara talks spellbindingly of mako sharks, forests with giant ferns, and of birds bigger than ostriches.
Chai's eastern origins, the spirituality, mystery and exoticness of this relatively strange new beverage may blend more completely with western materialism.
Publisher Mr Felton, said: "I think people like the exoticness of history, particularly with someone like John Dee.
I'd gone there for work (I was interviewing a band) and was, naturally, very excited at the exoticness of it all, visiting the country of karoake and shrink-wrapped school girls' pants.