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exotic cheroot

euphemism Marijuana or a marijuana cigarette. Coined by the British satirical magazine Private Eye. Primarily heard in UK. The young up-and-coming doctor was caught by police with an exotic cheroot in his pocket. I'd say you've been smoking too much exotic cheroot lately, because that's the stupidest idea I've ever heard!
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exotic dancer

Someone who dances seductively for an audience while wearing little or no clothing. Please tell me you didn't go see exotic dancers during your bachelor party.
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In July this year, the Supreme Court ruled in the case of two gay male asylum seekers that they must be "free to enjoy themselves going to Kylie concerts and drinking exotically coloured cocktails" without fear of attack.
In his eyes, any society that stops gay men enjoying Kylie comforts, drinking exotically coloured cocktails and talking about boys must be regarded as repressive and its victims welcomed here.
In place of a president whose only qualification for the office was his father's name, we now have one whose intelligence and vision overcame the formidable obstacle of being the exotically named son of an African Muslim.
Wallasey Sunday League representatives Tower welcome the exotically named Fforde Grene Brazil.
The elegant and exotically fragrant pearly white flowers are held between the narrow foliage on 4ft stems in summer and last for weeks.
Their last 32 match is against amateurs Lyon-DuchAre and their exotically named players are Nassim and Thomas rather than Zinedine and Hernan.
When Duncan and his wife Julie first started supplying specialist food stores in Wales, the exotically named La Belle Rouge Gelato di Latte di Bufala, proved a surprise hit with shoppers.
Sudoku, which still sounds to me more like a martial-arts discipline, fashion trend or a new brand of sushi, has taken English readers by storm because it appears to be exotically different, yet turns out to be reassuringly similar to puzzles completed in our youth.
What's intriguing about Feld's choreography are the unlikely physical gyrations he puts his dancers through, such as the superhero-like scrabbling on a plywood sculpture he and Mimi Lien devised for the opening piece, Backchat, danced by three ethnically diverse, exotically beautiful men: Wu-Kang Chen, Nickemil Conception, and Jason Jordan, wearing colorful hip hopinspired costumes by Camille Assaf.
They are reading for the same part offered by an unseen producer who has set them up in his exotically appointed 2LDK, where all the action in this two-hander takes place.
But there is no reason why the same body or art-historical theory could not give rise to forms of appropriation and simulation that ran in the opposite direction, that is, an artist being more at home in an everyday media realm and displacing into it objects from that exotically fascinating category of commodities labeled "American Fine Art." As a shorthand recipe, this reversal underlies much of that practice that rose to international attention in the early '90s as the "Young British Artist" phenomenon, the groundwork for which had been laid in the '80s with this same cohort of American simulationists as backdrop and point of departure.
For some time exotically haired Bamber Gascoigne hasn't been seen presenting BBC's University Challenge.
If you're looking for something refreshing then enjoy a J20 - choose any one of its exotically fruity flavours from a bar or your local pub.
The settings of these poems often intensify the sense of the world as simulacrum - a faux nineteenth-century ice-cream parlor, a street lined with exotically out-of-place flora, the pseudoneighborhood of a subdivision.
"Fairwell My Concubine" (Miramax) is easily the most exotically beautiful film you'll see this year, and probably signals the arrival of Chinese movies as a major force in world cinema.