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exotic cheroot

A euphemism for marijuana or a marijuana cigarette. Coined by the British satirical magazine Private Eye. Primarily heard in UK. The young up-and-coming doctor was caught by police with an exotic cheroot in his pocket. I'd say you've been smoking too much exotic cheroot lately because that's the stupidest idea I've ever heard!
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exotic dancer

Someone who dances seductively for an audience while wearing little or no clothing. Please tell me you didn't go see exotic dancers during your bachelor party.
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It's true that, with rare exception, cars make bad investments, and brand new exotic cars tend to be the biggest money losers of them all.
Swig also rejected the concept that exotic mortgages were especially dangerous tools for homebuyers to temporarily attain the unaffordable.
The report also highlights a lack of vets able to provide treatment for exotic animals.
First, try to remember that there is likely a native equivalent to that exotic, and the native will be as much or more appreciated by native birds and other wildlife, and survive those late spring freezes and summer droughts better than your potential exotic selection.
Inspector Davidson said, "I am extremely pleased that this man was banned from keeping exotic animals for two years as he had no experience or expertise in caring for this type of animal.
Indeed, 84% of the exotic species that germinated from the seed bank were not found in any vegetation quadrat, suggesting the seeds may have come from further afield.
Currently, the cost associated with damage by, and control of, exotic species is estimated at over $100 billion annually in the United States alone.
This is the real question, because, finally, the most troubling aspect of this exhibition is the ease with which we can imagine the moral of the artist's endeavor expressed with a wan smile of soigne world-weariness: You know, little friend, one may go in search of oneself in exotic locales all over the earth, seek insight into oneself at the feet of masters, gurus, lovers, mentors, poets, and visionaries, seek to express oneself in exotic manners and materials selected from the breadth and depth of human endeavor, and sadly enough, in the end, as in the beginning, one is still the same trim, fashionable blue-eyed Italian dude, hair optional.
The reported size of the exotic threat may surprise even some ecologists.
This means that shipments of these exotic birds cannot be exported or imported without valid documents issued by the designated CITES authorities in the country of export and, for exotic birds listed in CITES Appendix I, the country of import as well.
Kiwifruit used to be an exotic when we first started buying it 20 years ago," says Bruce Vanoehsen, produce buyer for Schnuck Markets, St.
Josephine Baker's body has become, for her audiences, the personification of the exotic primitive.
com)-- Local reptile specialty wholesaler offers exotic pets direct to consumers.
Request for Proposal: Landscape/vegetation contractors to perform removal of invasive exotic plants from monroe county conservation lands monroe county, florida