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exorcise (something) out of (one)

To force an evil spirit out of someone, as through spells or incantations. There are some who believe that it's possible to exorcise demons out of people.
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exorcise something out of someone

 and exorcise something out
to remove or cast out evil from someone. We saw a movie about a priest who exorcised a demon out of a young girl.
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Our global struggle to beat Satan' THE trio's debut was in Scottsdale, Arizona, when they exorcised a 15-year-old pal who they decided was possessed.
A NOTORIOUS suicide spot where a young boxer took his own life may have to be exorcised following the pleas of local residents, it emerged last night.
While the author exorcised his infatuations in his genius novel, these people are still being punished for inspiring them
He is said to have exorcised demons and predicted the future and his army of faithful followers believe that he was able to be in two places at same time.
In popular culture those stereotypes are most assuredly still very current; however, among academics there has been, in the past 10-15 years, an explosion of excellent work on the region that has all but exorcised those negative images.
Hollywood, understanding the significance of our danger, spread the word through hundreds of follow-up movies in which negative spirits were exorcised and the spiritually enslaved became free.
Underdown will not satisfy all readers that he has exorcised every historiographical demon he has conjured in these thoughtful and entertaining lectures.
Now, a team of scientists contends that their findings have exorcised the specter of Devils Hole by confirming the orbital theory.
A WOMAN in New York had her fridge exorcised because she claimed the spooky icebox glowed in the night, made scary noises and deliberately clobbered her with shelf-loads of food.
In rather tongue-in-cheek fashion, the court stated: "The notion that a haunting is a condition which can and should be ascertained upon reasonable inspection of the premises is a hobgoblin which should be exorcised from the body of legal precedent and laid quietly to rest.
He was exorcised and driven into Egypt by a charm made by Tobias
We have been exorcised by our inability to meet even small trade accounts and expenses, not because of a lack of funds, but as a result of a temporary restraining order on funds set aside to deal with the financial requirements of a normal office until our annual funds were due from Polfin.
The Spaniard - whose house was exorcised last season after his wife was spooked by strange goings on - had a real battle on his hands to oust Germany keeper Lehmann between the sticks, but he stuck to his guns and manager Arsene Wenger showed every faith.
It's the demons at Downing Street that need to be exorcised.
Ninety minutes earlier in a packed house, the ghost of former bassist Nick Oliveri was well and truly exorcised within the first song, SickSickSick.