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But she didn't have convulsions and didn't scream when she was exorcised. She said: "I don't think they broke the curse properly.
TV2000, which has previously aired claims that the pope's predecessors John Paul II and Benedict XVI also exorcised the devil, is to broadcast a special program on Friday devoted to "the pope's struggle against the devil and his seductions".
"I believe the curse can be exorcised. I will use my pendulum and cleanse the stone of any evil forces.
For Nash, a Hebrew Bible and language teacher, these disorienting maps reveal the extent to which Africa has been exorcised from the biblical story.
Seven years after being demolished inside a round by Lewis, Golota appeared to have exorcised those ghosts when outworking Byrd for two thirds of their contest.
The Gospels report that he changed water into wine; cured the blind, deaf, and lame; exorcised demons from people; fed thousands with only a few loaves of bread and fishes; and raised three people from the dead.
Bad theology, bad liturgy and bad morality have caused the damage and, like a malignant tumor, needs to be exorcised' (N.
A NOTORIOUS suicide spot where a young boxer took his own life may have to be exorcised following the pleas of local residents, it emerged last night.
While the author exorcised his infatuations in his genius novel, these people are still being punished for inspiring them!
He is said to have exorcised demons and predicted the future and his army of faithful followers believe that he was able to be in two places at same time.
In popular culture those stereotypes are most assuredly still very current; however, among academics there has been, in the past 10-15 years, an explosion of excellent work on the region that has all but exorcised those negative images.
Hollywood, understanding the significance of our danger, spread the word through hundreds of follow-up movies in which negative spirits were exorcised and the spiritually enslaved became free.
Underdown will not satisfy all readers that he has exorcised every historiographical demon he has conjured in these thoughtful and entertaining lectures.
Now, a team of scientists contends that their findings have exorcised the specter of Devils Hole by confirming the orbital theory.
In rather tongue-in-cheek fashion, the court stated: "The notion that a haunting is a condition which can and should be ascertained upon reasonable inspection of the premises is a hobgoblin which should be exorcised from the body of legal precedent and laid quietly to rest.