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exorcise (something) out of (someone)

To force an evil spirit out of someone, as through spells or incantations. I never believed in the supernatural until we had to exorcise a demon out of my daughter.
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exorcise something out of someone

 and exorcise something out
to remove or cast out evil from someone. We saw a movie about a priest who exorcised a demon out of a young girl.
See also: exorcise, of, out
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We've had that opportunity and sometimes to have it again so soon, is the best way to exorcise a ghost.
Smith said: "Maybe they would want to go back and exorcise that demon rather than being fearful of returning.
The story is of Mezlekia's awakening consciousness, his early troubles at school (and the rites, memorably rendered, meant to exorcise his demons) and the terrible loss of both parents to the marauding forces--human hyenas--unleashed by the hysteria that followed the ouster of Emperor Haile Selassie in 1974.
Both Dante and Petrarch knew this tradition, and both sought to exorcise its amoral, Protean desultor; in Stapleton's reading, the Vita nuova is Dante's failed Ovidian exorcism while the Rime is Petrarch's successful one.
If there is no primary relationship between the two (supposed) protagonists, there is really no reason to try to exorcise Jose's ghost in the first place.
Those who follow his lead want to exorcise the spooks, and Vigier does so using a theory largely asociated with the name of David Bohm of Birkbeck College of the Univesity of London in England.
The industry needs to exorcise the ghosts of the telecom crash and move forward driven by an optimal combination of market, technology and product focus.
Kearney is bracing himself for a "proper cup tie" against the Crues who are eager to exorcise ghosts of their own after losing last year's blue riband final 2-1 to Linfield.
SERGIO GARCIA (left) continues to exorcise one of the most painful golfing demons of his career after another strangely subdued day at Carnoustie.
He said: 'It is almost like trying to exorcise Satan himself.
LIVINGSTON keeper Roddy McKenzie will exorcise the demons of last year's CIS Cup semi-final heartbreak by stepping out on the big stage on Tuesday against Dundee in the last four.
The only way to exorcise those demons is to face them head on -and this programme gives you the opportunity to do just that.
It will ease Brian Kerr's first months in charge and exorcise a ghost from the dressing room.
France's Amelie Mauresmo also had a comfortable victory, beating Camille Pin 6-3, 6-1, to exorcise the memories of her first-round defeat last year.
Now Mr Ronson wants to make sure that when he puts the house on the market the new owners will not try to exorcise their ghost.