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exhort (one) to (do something)

To plead with one to do something. I exhorted the kids to behave at the wedding, but I'm still fearing possible tantrums.
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exhort someone to do something

to urge or pressure someone to do something. She exhorted us to do better, but we only did worse. The boss exhorted the workers to increase productivity.
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93-94, the author exhorts readers that their 'emotional passage of life's journeys', 'are not in vain solitaire rides'.
Zen/zoning in and out of attention to the Limbo-like street scene, Laure fantasizes and dries her tidal wave of brunet curls in front of the car's heater, while an annoyingly chirpy radio announcer exhorts drivers to be patient, courteous and to pick up stranded pedestrians.
Wal-Mart bulldozes forests, farms and hometown retailers "anchoring" malls, then exhorts customers to "buy American" products; not that easy to do since 83% of the stock on Sam's shelves is foreign made.
In "Love and the Enemy," he exhorts black leadership (and we, the people, too) to outgrow reactive rage.
This notice formally exhorts these organizations to support CathayOne's e-stage.
While the Church exhorts civil authorities to seek peace, not war, and to exercise discretion and mercy in imposing punishment on criminals, it may still be permissible to take up arms to repel an aggressor or to have recourse to capital punishment.
Her voice weeps, exhorts, and catches your imagination as she narrates this outstanding testimony to one family's inner strength.
It's time to spread your filthy dream out in front of me like a moth-eaten Moroccan carpet,'' he exhorts Landau in one all-too-typical platitude.
It exhorts theologians and preachers of the divine word to abstain zealously from all gross exaggerations as well as petty narrow - mindedness in considering the singular dignity of the Mother of God.
human society itself are rampant, the Council earnestly exhorts
We hear warmth in a letter written to a woman who lost five sons in the war, firmness in one sent to a family member who has shown lack of industry, a scolding tone to a young man who feels his talents are underutilized when he is assigned to command only 3,000 men, and firm resolution when he exhorts his generals to press the war more diligently.
Peter's first letter, in which he exhorts the elders and all the faithful,
The Denver-based evangelical group exhorts men to become ``promise keepers'' at home by forsaking the golf course and the TV remote control in favor of a deeper commitment to their families.
In lectures around the country, Wolf exhorts women to become more involved in their own political and economic empowerment.