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exhort (one) to (do something)

To plead with one to do something. I exhorted the kids to behave at the wedding, but I'm still fearing possible tantrums.
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exhort someone to do something

to urge or pressure someone to do something. She exhorted us to do better, but we only did worse. The boss exhorted the workers to increase productivity.
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After all, you can't turn on the television these days without seeing clever advertisements from Internet trading companies exhorting would-be investors to "get rich quick" by trading stocks online.
The interior of the palace was also decorated with images of some of Florence's favorite saints, such as John the Baptist (the commune's patron saint), Bernard of Clairvaux (who was adopted as the Palace's patron), Zenobius (an early Florentine bishop who was believed to have helped save the city from invasion by the Goths), Christopher (who because he provided protection against sudden death and accident "was a popular saint in public places"), Doubting Thomas (whose image in the audience chamber of the Signoria was accompanied by a sonnet of Franco Sacchetti, exhorting onlookers "to touch the truth" as Saint Thomas had done), and Victor (who was revered because the Florentines had won a victory against Pisa on his feast day in 1364).
The Tar Heel state's recent full-page ad in the Boston Globe exhorting the benefits of southern living was a shot heard around Massachusetts's biotech community.
Whoever invented that slogan exhorting us to ``practice random acts of kindness'' must have taken their cue from Joe.
Curiously, though, after exhorting her audience to "be ballsy and brave" rather than complacent, Bernhard spends most of her show making fun of easy targets that don't take much courage to rag, such as Mariah Carey and Versace ads.
Exhorting his colleagues to address the pressing problems of the material world populated by "real active men," Marx and Engels hoped to deliver a wake-up call to European intellectuals and workers alike.
As part of a multi-pronged advertising campaign for the series during the month of February, an infomercial for Time-Life's "Rolling Stone's Sounds of the '80s" CD and cassette series will be interrupted by "DUCKMAN," exhorting viewers to watch the animated series on USA Network, Saturday nights at 10 p.
Jesse Jackson spoke out Wednesday against California's gubernatorial recall and Proposition 54, the racial privacy initiative, while exhorting 500 students at CSUN to register to vote.
Yet scattered through all of these lofty, aerial essays there are enough occasions of splendid and spectacular insight, clarifications and apprehensions so striking (and so immediately evident) that I believe it is worth exhorting ourselves to bestow the energy of patience on this work.
With fullback Ben Albaum exhorting the crowd to make more noise, Fricke drilled Dantzler on a slant pass near the goal line.
He then stood up and continued the song, exhorting the audience to ``wipe your tears away.
For years he ignored the evidence that Breckenridge Long, the assistant secretary of state to Cordell Hull, was exhorting the American Embassies around the world to ``stall and stall and stall until no one gets in,'' the result of which was that not even 50 percent of the pitifully low legal immigrant limits were not met in any year, while millions begged for the chance to save their skins.
At other moments, Brooks struck the pose of an arena-rock preacher, exhorting the faithful with fervent renditions of ``We Shall Be Free'' and ``The Change.