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exhort (one) to (do something)

To plead with one to do something. I exhorted the kids to behave at the wedding, but I'm still fearing possible tantrums.
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exhort someone to do something

to urge or pressure someone to do something. She exhorted us to do better, but we only did worse. The boss exhorted the workers to increase productivity.
See also: exhort
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The Council does recognize the presence of "many excellent married priests" in the Eastern Churches; and the Fathers disavow any intention of changing the Eastern discipline, and, indeed, they exhort married Eastern priests "to persevere in their holy vocation.
In a booklet about the group, Yen said the aim of the group is to ``steer the rich away from extravagance and decadence, provide guidance for those who have strayed, lead the poor and the sick out of the shadow of misery, and exhort everyone to love themselves, their families and the world.
Download (UPDATE) Berri exhorts expats to register for vote before November 21 NNA - Speaker of the House, Nabih Berri, on Monday exhorted the Lebanese expatriates worldwide to register for vote in the upcoming legislative polls before November 21.
Islam is a true religion, and it exhorts its followers not to hurt anyone and always serve the needy.
Brown exhorts that self-defense is far more than simply warding off physical attack; it is a life attitude of being mindful of one's own actions to keep oneself out of dangerous situations.
As the Congregation For the Doctrine of the Faith's doctrinal note of November 2002, observes, the Second Vatican Council actually exhorts Christians "to fulfill their duties Faithfully in the spirit of the Gospel.
The Eleventh commandment exhorts against how Christianity is misused to pursue personal and political agendas today - Jesus' teachings are not about electing people who will change the laws to force others to live as we demand, nor is it about accumulating wealth and living in personal comfort and complacency.
An in-depth resource filled with up-to-date advice, that walks the reader through the basics of filling out forms and exhorts how easy it is to learn about the newest scholarships on the world wide web.
Abramsky exhorts his fellow progressives to "uphold the values of pluralism, rationalism, skepticism, women's rights, and individual liberty" in opposition to the values of the fundamentalist Islamist terrorists.
This book exhorts the reader to focus on who she is, where she is, and how she plans to use her knowledge and resources to shatter the glass ceiling to get to the next level.
Speaking in his unique and personable style, Gordon exhorts today's musicians to "follow [the composers of the twentieth century] and grow in our own art just as they [the composers] grew in theirs.
The thin-layer laminate exhorts air flow resistance in the range of 500<Rt<4000 Ns/m3.
In the afterword, the author, personally familiar with combat, calls 9/11 a "wake up" call and exhorts the U.
Lubovitch reminds us that dancing ain't brain surgery, and exhorts us to enjoy his choreographic patisserie.