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make an exhibition of (oneself)

To do something that makes one the center of attention, and perhaps makes one look foolish. Please try not to make an exhibition of yourself at the gala. Just read your prepared lines. Vicky is always making an exhibition of herself in the cafeteria by singing along to whatever is playing in her headphones.
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make an exhibition of

oneself to show off; to try to get a lot of attention for oneself. She is not just dancing, she is making an exhibition of herself. Whenever Rudy drinks, he makes an exhibition of himself.
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make an exhibition of oneself

Show off or otherwise embarrass oneself in public, as in When Mike has too much to drink he's apt to make an exhibition of himself. The first recorded use of this term was in Charles Dickens's A Child's History of England (1853).
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make an exhibition of yourself

behave in a very foolish or ill-judged way in public.
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make an exhiˈbition of yourself

(disapproving) behave in a stupid or an embarrassing way that makes people notice you: She got angry and made a real exhibition of herself at the party.
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