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exert (oneself)

To make a concerted effort to do something. With the poor grades you've gotten so far, you're really going to have to exert yourself to get a C this semester.
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exert oneself

Put oneself to strenuous effort, as in We exerted ourselves mightily to raise funds. [First half of 1700s]
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Beasley affirmed that the WFP exerts all possible efforts to raise the level of financing for its activities in Syria, expressing appreciation of the standing relation between Syria and the WFP in the face of the challenges on the ground, as this relation contributes to overcoming the obstacles facing relief and humanitarian work.
General, Saleh said the meeting coincides the effors being exerted by the African leaders to develop the people and fight ignorance and crimes, lauding EAPCCO role in strengthening the regional and international security.
European institutions have tools at their disposal to exert pressure on Turkey so that it puts an end to its illegal actions within Cyprus' Exclusive Economic Zone, Cypriot MEP Neoclis Sylikiotis has told CNA.
Baik (2008) extends this to asymmetric valuation and shows that only the highest valuation player in a group exerts positive effort in equilibrium, whereas other players free-ride.
This motion causes the backpack to exert a force (push or pull) on the person's body, making the bag feel even heavier than it is.
Some of the tighter corners exerted the same G force as rollercoasters.
(8) The employee exerts effort in order to influence his future compensation (for a multi-period version of this model, see Holmstrom [1999] or Martinez [2005a]).
After considering all the known populations of stars that lie near the Milky Way's core, Brad Hansen of UCLA and Milos Milosavljevic of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena find that none can exert a strong enough gravitational tug to rapidly draw in a group of massive, short-lived stars born a few light-years from the core.
Its standard pipe and profile cutter exerts 250 in.-lb of torque, and its previous high-torque model exerts 625 in.-lb.
In position one, it exerts a certain amount of pressure to keep the gun in battery.
Cadmium is an environmental pollutant that exerts its toxicity mainly on the kidneys.
Numerous factors are used in making the distinction between independent contractors and agents, most important of which is the amount of control the insurer exerts over the efforts of the "agent." The more control, the more likely the person will be considered an employee/agent.
There is no practical method of directly measuring the pressure that a roller exerts on an adjacent roller or on the printing plate.