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exert (oneself)

To make a concerted effort to do something. With the poor grades you've gotten so far, you're really going to have to exert yourself to get a C this semester.
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exert oneself

Put oneself to strenuous effort, as in We exerted ourselves mightily to raise funds. [First half of 1700s]
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References in classic literature ?
I will exert myself, and if it is in my power to seize the monster, be assured that he shall suffer punishment proportionate to his crimes.
That, of course, would be the EASIEST plan: but I know the advantages of a place like this to a person in your situation; and I have no desire to part with you, as I am sure you would do very well if you will only think of these things and try to exert yourself a LITTLE more: then, I am convinced, you would SOON acquire that delicate tact which alone is wanting to give you a proper influence over the mind of your pupil.
European institutions have tools at their disposal to exert pressure on Turkey so that it puts an end to its illegal actions within Cyprus' Exclusive Economic Zone, Cypriot MEP Neoclis Sylikiotis has told CNA.
We are very hopeful that Kuwait would exert its role in the future as it has done in the past," added the EU ambassador.
Parents from a more advantaged environment exert more effort, and this influences positively the educational attainment of their children.
Meanwhile, the Minister of International Cooperation has promised to exert efforts for speeding up accession of the Sudan to the TIR Convention.
Sheikh Abdullah and Safadi reiterated that it was important for the international community to exert immediate and effective efforts to de-escalate the tension in Al-Aqsa Mosque, by obliging Israel to honour its legal and international commitments and end its unilateral actions.
European football's governing body said regulations "strictly forbid any club to exert, or attempt to exert, any influence whatsoever over the players another club may or may not field".
He called on the neighboring countries to exert efforts for a peaceful political solution to the crisis in Syria which was and will remain the homeland for dialogue, fraternity, amity and peace.
The relatives of the pilgrims have been targeting Turkish interests in Lebanon for over two weeks now, in a bid to exert pressure on who they feel can secure the release of their loved ones.
Dr Hope found those who had been asked to exert themselves physically remembered less about the target individual and made more recall errors compared to the control group of observers.
Research suggests that various factors exert upward and downward pressure on child poverty rates.
The OTRK supervisory board released a statement on June 17 saying selected members of Parliament exert pressure on OTRK.
In a message sent to the Head of State, the Council reiterates its commitment to exert more efforts to strengthen co-operation and co-ordination so as to establish the most appropriate mechanisms to cope with changes and challenges faced by Maghreb societies.
Summary: Rabat - Morocco calls on the international community to exert tangible pressure on the other parties to find a solution to the Sahara issue, Minister of Communication, government Spokesman, Khalid Naciri, said on Thursday.