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exercise (one) in (something)

To help one to practice something. Will you exercise me in these chemistry terms before the tomorrow's test?
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exercise for the reader

A subject, debate, or other matter that is not decided or dealt with directly by the author or presenter, but rather is left up to the judgment or interpretation of the observer, reader, or addressee. The report merely details the spending practices of the parties concerned; whether or not these payments were dubious in nature is left as an exercise for the reader. The politician's speech made broad references to invigorating the economy with practical, no-nonsense measures—what such measures might be, though, was left as an exercise for the reader.
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exercise power over (someone or something)

To assert control or authority over someone or something. Even though we're adults now, my sister still tries to exercise power over me like I'm a little kid.
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exercised about (something)

Upset or agitated because of something. We can't tell Mom we broke the vase—she'll get totally exercised about it! Before you get exercised about it, let me tell you exactly what happened.
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the object of the exercise

The main point, focus, or goal of an activity or task. If you're an investor, holding onto stocks that damage your portfolio defeats the object of the exercise. If you're trying to improve your health, not just shed a few quick pounds, the object of the exercise should be to develop a diet that is sustainable in the long term.
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exercise power over

someone or something and exercise control over someone or something; exercise influence over someone or something to have someone or something under one's control or influence. The dictator exercised power over the island for many years. See if you can exercise some control over your appetite. I wish I could exercise some influence over the committee.
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exercise (someone or an animal) in

something to give someone or an animal practice in doing something; to drill someone or an animal at something. Please exercise the dog in obedience routines. I hope you will exercise me in my Spanish irregular verbs.
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exercised about something

Fig. upset about something. Mary: You lost a hundred dollars playing poker!? Bill: Now don't get exercised about it. I can't tell Ma I'm failing English class. She gets exercised about every dumb thing I do.
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*firm hand

Fig. [someone's] strong sense of management; a high degree of discipline and direction. (*Typically: exercise ~; have ~; need ~; take ~; use~.) I had to use a firm hand with Perry when he was a child. He had a problem with discipline.
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the object of the exercise

the main point or purpose of an activity.
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These data show that obese respondents are slightly more likely to report having exercised every day (11%) than to report having exercised 5 to 6 days (9%).
The excess tax benefit from exercised options should be shown as a cash inflow from financing activities and as an additional cash outflow from operations.
In 1991, Section 16(b) was changed to give options (and other derivatives) the same status as stock; the SEC recognized "that holding derivative securities is functionally equivalent to holding the underlying equity securities for purposes of Section 16(b), since the value of the derivative securities is a function of or related to the value of the underlying equity security." Thus, after 1991, the six-month holding period under Section 16(b) begins when the options are granted, rather than when they are exercised.
Of the 16 potential termination nodes in exhibit 1, the uppermost two (H5 and H7) are exercised early at the end of year 3.
422(a)(2) permits ISOs to be exercised for up to 90 days following termination of employment, employers may impose more restrictive terms.
Or they exercised early enough, but due to restrictions of the tax law could not sell right away and watched the value of their holdings plunge.
* To minimize ANT impact in the year of exercise, sell holdings in the form of stock previously exercised or as same day sales of ISO stock.
(5) Section 422 of the Code sets out ISO requirements, the most important of which are that the exercise price is at least equal to the stock's fair market value at grant, that the option be exercised only while the individual is employed (or within three months of termination), and that options granted to an employee that are exercisable in any one year be capped at $100,000 in underlying stock value.
Once the ISO is exercised, the employee does not recognize any income at the exercise date, according to Sec.
424(c) (4) (A) only applies if the employee has already exercised the option and the stock received is transferred.
In one study, men who were at highest risk - because they were the most overweight - had the greatest protection against diabetes if they exercised. And aerobic exercise also slows down the rate of bone loss.
As Salamone reported at a meeting of the Society for Epidemiologic Research in Snowbird, Utah, in June, women with two B forms of VDR who exercised the most developed 7 percent higher bone density than women with the same genes who exercised the least.
In addition, for the entire time from the date an ISO is granted until three months before it is exercised, the option holder must be an employee of the company granting the option (or a related company).
g3(h) deduction when the warrants were exercised, but the Tax Court disagreed; it held that the warrants did not fall under that provision, because they were not issued for services, but to compensate the individuals for additional risk.
Sung measured the heart rate and blood pressure of men who exercised after ingesting either a placebo or the caffeine equivalent of three cups of coffee.