exercise in

exercise (one) in (something)

To help one to practice something. Will you exercise me in these chemistry terms before the tomorrow's test?
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exercise (someone or an animal) in

something to give someone or an animal practice in doing something; to drill someone or an animal at something. Please exercise the dog in obedience routines. I hope you will exercise me in my Spanish irregular verbs.
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Participating countries in the ADMM-Plus Marsec FTX have just concluded the first phase of the multinational exercise in Busan, South Korea.
The joint exercise focused on the sharing of experiences through the exchange of officers and personnel between the two sides in all stages of the exercise in order to maximise benefits.
In addition, plasma glucose utilization is increased during exercise in nonobese [18] and obese [19] patients with T2D.
"We did joint naval exercise in Kuwait and now will carry out a joint naval exercise with the Royal Navy of Oman (RNO)," Rear Admiral Chawla said.
Mohammed Aslam, society chairman, said: "We were delighted the housing company's fund gave us a grant to help us promote healthy living and the benefits of exercise in our community.
This series of aerobics classes, which meets at Bierton Road Community Centre, is a 12-week course in which women take part in a 45-minute fitness session, but also gain tips on increasing exercise in other areas of their lives and healthy eating.
From Mexico, the Delfos Contemporary Dance Company's It Hurts (Victor Manuel Ruiz), a contact improvisation-influenced male duet concerned with sexual ambivalence, was a fine exercise in kinetic daring and split-second timing in a tense scenario that translated violence into passion.
In this country, slaves sometimes warmed up for uprisings with song and "ring shouts." Considering this venerable tradition of combining pleasure and politics, only the most pinched Puritanical soul could insist that political activism be an exercise in deferred gratification.
The ship in 2007 took part in the first ever Malabar exercise in the Pacific Ocean as well as the first ever INDRA series of exercises in Russian waters.
There was a sigh of relief that the mammoth exercise in which more than 60 warships of various vintage -- from the 80s to the latest Teg class frigates -- participated passed off without any incident.
Carter was quite blunt about his reaction to this exercise in independence.
All the pilots are already qualified to land on the deck of an aircraft carrier, but during the exercise in Russia, they will be trained to operate Mig- 29K combat jets on the 45,000- tonne Vikramaditya .
"The cornerstone for Navy-Navy relations is SIMBEX, which stated as a basic anti-submarine exercise in 1994 as 'Lion King' has grown from strength to strength," he said.