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They don't know how to make things work, use their power and wealth to exempt themselves from the consequences of things not working, and care about only one thing: remaining members of the elite.
We're eager to fight these officials' brazen effort to exempt themselves from existing Maryland law."
In addition, human rights abuses of brigade members are rampant, prompting many to escape or injure themselves to be discharged, said Cho, who defected to the South in 2011 and is now an economist in Seoul.Nowadays, those who have money exempt themselves from the service by sending supplies, paying someone else to fulfil the duty, or bribing brigade leaders to turn a blind eye, Cho and Kwon said.
In Monday's ruling, the court agreed that the new rules would harm New Jersey and Pennsylvania financially by permitting "more employers to exempt themselves from the Contraceptive Mandate, which would result in more of the States' women seeking state-funded sources of contraceptive care." The court also agreed with the states that the federal government violated the law in issuing the rules.
Let us pass laws imposing life imprisonment on the following: politicians who use wang-wang to exempt themselves from traffic, politicians who refuse to use public transportation and public toilets five times a week, and politicians who sing or dance in election rallies.
Be especially careful of candidates who blame others and exempt themselves from responsibility.
Elmedin Konakovic said the MPs are trying to make a spectacle of the whole thing to exempt themselves from responsibility.
State lawmakers from both sides of the aisle succeeded Friday in passing a bill to exempt themselves from public records requests.
They've already proposed to exempt themselves from paying income taxes for starters.
They cannot convene themselves into a Con-ass and exempt themselves from paying income tax.
The offer is segregated into two parts; one for professionals looking to take LSSGB, LSSBB or ITIL training can avail the Lenovo Yoga Tab3 on enrollment and on the other hand, professional seeking PMP, CAPM & PMI-ACP certification can exempt themselves from paying the exam fee to PMI.
Two years of wage freezes and then five of the 1% cap is a living standards-destroying austerity that is utterly indefensible when Tory MPs are exempt themselves from the squeeze.
The timeliest section deals with the legal issues created when religious communities invoke religious liberty to exempt themselves from the laws.
These politicians should for their own protection exempt themselves from engaging in such matters."