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exemplify (something) by (something)

To do or use something to highlight something else. She exemplifies compassion by her warm, loving demeanor.
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exemplify something by something

to use something to explain or illustrate something. He exemplifies wisdom by his decisions. Roger exemplifies virtue by the way he treats his employees.
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Exemplify also made it two winners from two foals for her dam, the once-raced Distant View mare Quest To Peak.
The end view of this blueprint is to build relationships with all stakeholders that exemplify the behaviors we have established as central to ethical behaviors.
Sample Measure: Performance and rewards that exemplify creativity.
The entire NAI DG Hart firm was nominated for the Eagle Award, given to companies that best exemplify the spirit of NAI Global.
The books under review exemplify the considerable progress made in understanding two of the occult sciences, astrology and alchemy, as coherent sets of beliefs and rational guides to dealing with the practical problems early modern Europeans faced.
These standouts exemplify certain tendencies shared by the lot, especially in terms of process: a semi-random accretion of repetitive elements with mutation built-in over time, in which the source material, though not insignificant, is typically overshadowed, and occasionally subsumed, by its unapologetically lightweight buildup.
Even as he tends to slight the significance of the "free jazz" movement associated with Coltrane's later works, Marsalis has become a persistent advocate for the greater tradition which Coltrane does, in fact, exemplify.
His love of nature and of his native land together with his religious sensibility exemplify the former; his fondness for traditional meter (notably in his sonnets, which are considered particularly fine) exemplifies the latter.
Essays from Balz Engler, Michael Dobson, James Shapiro, Laurence Lerner, Jonathan Bate, and Ania Loomba exemplify the sustained and varied interest in race as a category of analysis in Shakespeare studies during the 1990s.
The souls in Paradise exemplify the paradox or the "knot" to which her title alludes: although they are far removed from their bodies, these beings are nevertheless embodied when Dante the pilgrim encounters them, hence they are "unstable.