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exemplify (something) by (something)

To do or use something to highlight something else. She exemplifies compassion by her warm, loving demeanor.
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exemplify something by something

to use something to explain or illustrate something. He exemplifies wisdom by his decisions. Roger exemplifies virtue by the way he treats his employees.
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Exemplify also made it two winners from two foals for her dam, the once-raced Distant View mare Quest To Peak.
Though the essay scarcely seems either to share the qualities and characteristics of the other contributions or to exemplify the approaches identified in the introduction, it nonetheless expresses the vitality of contemporary studies in garden history and the immense range of approaches now available.
(To be fair, they also exemplify characteristics of the German, Austro-Hungarian, and Turkish powers of World War I.) Once enemies, Saruman and Sauron have become allies, though their alliance is built on the mutual recognition that the weaker must ultimately serve the stronger.
Life Changers exemplify in their own behavior a level of integrity, congruency, and constancy that shatters our preconceptions and excuses.
Look at how you reward behavior in your plants, how you acknowledge the "ethical heroes" of the workplace and how you exemplify sound ethical decision-making.
According to the gospels, Jesus' purpose and goal was to announce the imminent, immediate coming of the reign of God and to explain and exemplify the unexpected and demanding form that reign would take.
* Sample Measure: Words and documents that exemplify simplicity.
No entity, however, can exemplify more than one haecceity.
Arthur, in quest of Gloriana's love, would appear in each book and come to exemplify Magnificence, the complete man.
Rampino and Self also suggest that Toba may exemplify a more general "feedback" relationship between volcanic activity and ice ages: The ice age then under way may have set off Toba's eruption by lowering sea levels, relieving pressure on the volcano.
"With office vacancy rates below nine percent in Middlesex County, these two deals exemplify the popularity of this well-positioned submarket within Raritan Center," says Mr.
And I've written down as many stories in each chapter as would, I hope, exemplify what Red Jacket meant when he said, '...
The books under review exemplify the considerable progress made in understanding two of the occult sciences, astrology and alchemy, as coherent sets of beliefs and rational guides to dealing with the practical problems early modern Europeans faced.
Both books feature protagonists who dearly and loudly exemplify what's wrong with African-American men, love and relationships.
These standouts exemplify certain tendencies shared by the lot, especially in terms of process: a semi-random accretion of repetitive elements with mutation built-in over time, in which the source material, though not insignificant, is typically overshadowed, and occasionally subsumed, by its unapologetically lightweight buildup.