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exemplify (something) by (something)

To do or use something to highlight something else. She exemplifies compassion by her warm, loving demeanor.
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exemplify something by something

to use something to explain or illustrate something. He exemplifies wisdom by his decisions. Roger exemplifies virtue by the way he treats his employees.
See also: by, exemplify
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Kivy loves to poke fun at attempts to formulate what is supposedly "said" by a profound musical work, (such as the suggestion that Beethoven's Fifth says that "the world is threatening and we should try to outface it" (160)), and he would no doubt find my description of what Beethoven's Fifth exemplifies equally banal.
The unique blend of assertion and negation in Coltrane's music points, indeed, to the manner whereby the musical traditions he both extends and exemplifies bear not only the promise, but capacity, of cultural and spiritual renewal.
Along with the Fdbula de Polifemo y Galatea (Fable of Polyphemus and Galatea) it exemplifies the highpoint of the style of culteranismo -- ornate, sensuous, Latinate in its syntax and vocabulary, erudite in its classical references.
The new alliance exemplifies Monster Worldwide's corporate strategy to grow Monster via multiple distribution channels and reflects Philadelphia Media Holdings' commitment to leverage and expand the revenue base of its media properties.
Silver said, "This creative, complex transaction exemplifies the climate of mutual loyalty and trust that we cultivate throughout our tenant base.
Simonelli's article on Inferno 6 exemplifies the strength of the better close readings: the essay distills the essence of Dante's an d Ciacco's dialogue on Florentine misgovernment and makes its concerns compelling for contemporary readers.
Red Guitar exemplifies the revolution that Spain has gone through in the past ten years or so," says David Kelly, General Manager of Cellar Door.
This is a wonderful project that exemplifies the importance and great benefits of creating quality affordable housing throughout our city.
Romano's study of housecraft and statecraft exemplifies how scholars might examine connections that blur neat divisions of public and private, though it is not gender but rather class hierarchy that occupies the central stage of the book.
Haggerty said, "The Prince George exemplifies the caliber of housing that can be achieved when innovation, historical and environmental preservation and community integration meet.
Much less space is accorded Richard Hooker, who fits the paradigm of comprehension, and Pierre Bayle, who for Remer exemplifies scepticism and the doctrine of natural right.
This is the fourth generation of Iridian's algorithms and exemplifies Iridian's leadership in continually improving iris recognition technology as it is rapidly adopted by the market on a global basis.
Broad Financial Center exemplifies a classic boutique building and its stellar tenant roster and hands-on ownership and management made it the perfect choice for Fitch Ratings.
Tracing the exegetical tradition from late antiquity to the quattrocento, Didi-Huberman's text presumably exemplifies the contemplative process he believes Fra Angelico's paintings were designed to stimulate.