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exemplify (something) by (something)

To do or use something to highlight something else. She exemplifies compassion by her warm, loving demeanor.
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exemplify something by something

to use something to explain or illustrate something. He exemplifies wisdom by his decisions. Roger exemplifies virtue by the way he treats his employees.
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Turning to the experience of Native American religions in their particular valuation of land as sacred, he characterizes a stance of continuous conflict between this third religious minority and the Constitutional order as fundamentally distinct from the patterns of congruence and conversion exemplified by the Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons, respectively.
But any attempt to verbalize what is exemplified by a painting or a piece of music inevitably sounds inadequate.
The English have a reputation for being reserved, and the PCs exemplified this trait.
The French helped to assimilate a pure classic design with natural, unforced elements; as exemplified by the introduction of the curve and elliptical line rather then a ridged, geometrical design.
While Tinguely's animate amalgam of detritus evoked neo-Dada's spirit of anarchic, useless expenditure, Fuller's Dymaxion construction exemplified a visionary dream of technology's revolutionary potential.
The end result -- and the lesson -- for the pilgrim, as for the reader, will be one of desengano, disillusionment with the vanities and pretensions of worldly things, in particular with courtly life as opposed to the ideal of mediocritas exemplified by the pastoral ethic.
Security, exemplified by the church, wants an end to questions while exploration, exemplified by science, prizes questions that may indeed prove unanswerable.
Three stages of Tanacross orthography are exemplified in research from the 1980s.
Saarinen's own immersion in the Arts and Crafts Movement in Finland, exemplified by the Community of architects which he had established at Hvittrask, was well-matched to Booth's experiment.
The first half of his book focuses on several moments in the cultural history of modernism, among them the Harlem Renaissance, Russian futurism, and the mural movement exemplified by Diego Rivera.
Uta monogatari(poem tales) are exemplified by the Ise monogatari ( c.