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exemplify (something) by (something)

To do or use something to highlight something else. She exemplifies compassion by her warm, loving demeanor.
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exemplify something by something

to use something to explain or illustrate something. He exemplifies wisdom by his decisions. Roger exemplifies virtue by the way he treats his employees.
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The sedimentation styles of graben to rift systems are exemplified by the work of Fernandez et al., Derer et al., and McCann et al.
Airs de cour such as Clement Janequin's La Guerre and Thibault de Courville's Arme arme arme o mes loyaux pensers exemplified that philosophy.
Nuns, too, are the "Brides of Christ" who bring the love of Christ into this world by their good works and prayers as exemplified by the late Mother Teresa.
Hoffman's ability to combine love and tragedy with devotion, betrayal, guilt and forgiveness, and to create characters with whom it is easy to empathize are exemplified here in this, her 14th novel.
His personal and life was guided and exemplified by his insistence on pertinent data and solid principals upon which to act.
"JBoss's commitment to their customer is exemplified by their decision to offer an open and extensible solution like CocoBase Enterprise O/R with their own open-source application server.
The dialogue between contemporary African and African American artists has been stunted and impugned by a rhetoric of difference, which slices the connectors of the shared transitional space exemplified by the Atlantic Ocean.
When the Supreme Court affirmed the constitutionality of the Morrill Act of 1862, which criminalized polygamy, and subsequent measures by Congress and the federal government to confiscate Mormon temples and other real estate holdings of the Church to terminate the practice, the Mormon community was forced to choose between loyalty to their unique social, political, economic, and religious independence as exemplified in the custom of plural marriage, and their very survival.
This interpenetration is beautifully exemplified in the passages of Whatsaid Serif that explore the theme of the cante moro, or "Moorish song." Federico Garcia Lorca, a poet of immense importance for the "New American Poetry" of the 1960s, traced the roots of his own cante jondo ('deep song') to the marginalized African elements in Spanish music.
The young ballerinas for whom Pali exemplified artistic mastery also cried.
While the HFA has had a financing program in place for age-restricted multifamily housing ranging from independent living to the state's two licensed assisted living models--enriched housing and adult home--the new program will embrace the assisted living model exemplified by the national chains, which has spread rapidly in recent years yet remains out of reach for many.
It exemplified what one senior politician referred to as `the enormous pattern of activities, links and cooperative projects that make the Commonwealth a real and living entity, taking place at non-governmental levels'.
Similarly, the grace exemplified by a vase is not just some peculiarly sculptural grace having no connection to grace in the "extra-sculptural" world.
Direct quotation is exemplified by (1), and its Davidsonian analysis is assumed to be as in (2), where "ST" stands for the sametokening relation:
To this reviewer, however, who is inclined to accept the view that the diversity of particulars is as much a brute inexplicable fact as is the diversity of abstracta, it seems that Rosenkrantz's explanation does not succeed, since (to put it as succinctly as I can) in order that the haecceity of a particular be exemplified it is first necessary that the particular exist.