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excuse someone

1. . to forgive someone. (Usually with me. Said when interrupting or when some other minor offense has been committed. There are many mannerly uses of this expression.) John came in late and said, "Excuse me, please." John said "excuse me" when he interrupted our conversation. When John made a strange noise at the table, he said quietly, "Excuse me." John suddenly left the room saying, "Excuse me. I'll be right back."
2. to permit someone to leave; to permit someone to remain away from an event. The coach excused John from practice yesterday. The teacher excused John, and he ran quickly from the room.
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New syndromes excuse only if they sufficiently produce whatever excusing condition the law and morality adopt.
Assuming that a particular syndrome causes rationality problems or other excusing conditions, not all syndrome sufferers will be equally irrational or the like.
Unfortunately, there are no generic excusing criteria, but only discrete defenses, such as legal insanity.
Defendants should be able to use any credible, and I stress credible, lay or expert evidence to demonstrate that they were nonculpably in the generic excusing condition at the time of the crime.
Nevertheless, some people cannot meet those standards, and providing an excuse in such exceptional case - and I must stress that they are exceptional - does not undermine the general desirability or application of objective standards for justification precisely because excusing the defendant presupposes that he or she has done the wrong thing under the circumstances.
Thus, the real argument should be about the genuine excusing condition that is doing the work.