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Excuser le defendeur de sa conduite, c'est, en effet, admettre que, malgre les raisons valables qu'il y aurait d'operer compensation, le defendeur n'a pas a indemniser le demandeur dans les circonstances de l'espece.
De toutes les manieres, il faut aussi excuser les agents d'autorites insensibles a la chose culturelle et intellectuelle.
Je suis toujours peine d'entendre des extremistes d'un camp justifier le massacre de refugies hutus du Zaire par le genocide de 1994, et ceux de l'autre camp vouloir excuser leur forfait par ce qu'ils appellent la vengeance tutsie de 1997.
L'air du temps et le stress quotidien ne peuvent occulter, et encore moins, excuser le devoir de memoire envers ceux qui nous ont inculque les valeurs d'humanisme revolutionnaire, la culture du desinteressement et la foi de defendre la patrie et les masses demunies.
It's time for a consortium of world leaders - including his excusers in Beijing - to deal with this sicko, and with a few others nearly as bad in Africa and the Middle East.
But many commentators fear these controversial claims play into the hands of Hitler excusers and neo-Nazis suggesting he was of unsound mind, and could be held only partly responsible for the millions of deaths he ordered?
With Team GB's blinding medal count we no longer see ourselves as a nation of moaners and excusers, we are suddenly a nation of winners and no one is more inspired by this national mood shift than our kids.
One of the ways Obama excusers are deflecting attention from the re-revelations last week of his cut-and-paste campaign is by insisting Hillary Clinton has also stolen a few of his lines.
You gave Jack Strayer the front page to spew his "know-nothing" nonsense about global warming despite Katrina, melting icebergs, increases in water and air temperatures, and the egregious corporate polluters and governmental excusers.
Will the excusers for the offenders champion the cause of the victim?
Excusers express their opinions in undated New York Post and New York Morning Telegraph clippings in The Life of Emile Zola Papers, WB Archives; see also Variety review, 30 June 1937, which argued that the film's "[r]acial theme is lightly touched upon, but impressive notwithstanding.