excuse my French

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excuse my French

Excuse my inappropriate language. Usually used humorously, especially around children, as if to suggest that an inappropriate word was in fact a word from a different language. A: "John, don't use language like that in front of the kids." B: "Oops, excuse my French, everyone!" Excuse my French, but this tasted like shit.
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excuse (or pardon) my French

used to apologize for swearing. informal
French has been used since the late 19th century as a euphemism for bad language.
1992 Angela Lambert A Rather English Marriage A loony can change a bloody toilet-roll, pardon my French.
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exˌcuse/ˌpardon my ˈFrench

(informal, humorous) used for saying you are sorry when you have used or are going to use rude or offensive language: Ouch, bloody hell! Oops, excuse my French!If you’ll pardon my French, he’s a bloody fool.
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Excuse my French

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excuse my French

See pardon my French.
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pardon/excuse my French

Please excuse the strong language. Exactly why French should mean “bad language” is not known, but this usage dates from the late 1800s. Eric Partridge speculated that the phrase was picked up by British soldiers in France during World War I and was first recorded during this period. However, given that language such as the F-word has become commonplace in popular entertainment and public life, this cliché is probably obsolescent, if not obsolete. Also see swear like a trooper; you should excuse the expression.
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“That is what led to the birth of Excuse My French: love, a bit of luck, and a lot of miles!”
His slurry, amiable voice is a rap radio constant--that's his sleepy drawl on the hook of Rick Ross's "Stay Schemin'," on last year's Lords of the Underground-checking "Shot Caller," on the lilting, menacing Waka Flocka Flame collaboration "Choppa Choppa Down." "Pop That," Excuse My French's antic strip club anthem featuring Drake, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross, recently landed in the Top 4o.
When asked his thoughts on the judgement, Ridgewell said: "Excuse my French, but it's b***s!
"I'm shouting at him to calm down and he's saying, excuse my French, 'F*** get off me' and struggling."
Excuse my French! New/Nouveau Brunswick is Canada's only official bilingual province where the Acadian peninsula and towns like Moncton and Shediac are mainly French.
But, as was reported here in the Mail not too long ago, the Leader of the Council Mike Whitby and his band of merry men have actually negotiated a pretty damn good deal - excuse my French. They have successfully "Birminghamised" Blair's City Academies.
Esther Rantzen's no fan of reality television, and yet she was keento take part in Excuse My French, writes Graham Kibble-White.
"The system is, excuse my French, screwed up, especially when you've warned them and you beg them to please keep him behind bars before you become a victim," Hall said Monday.
Although I've always said, 'Vive la difference' (excuse my French), it does seem to me that us Scots are, in our culture, less class-conscious and more egalitarian in our outlook than our English cousins.
"I don't think there is a lack of belief or a lack of confidence - and if there is and if I know there is in someone I'd tell them to get the f*** off the pitch, excuse my French.
Atkinson is now rebuilding his TV career having appeared on BBC2 show Excuse My French, on which he proved himself to be hopeless in the language.