excuse my French

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excuse my French

Excuse my inappropriate language. Usually used humorously, especially around children, as if to suggest that an inappropriate word was in fact a word from a different language. A: "John, don't use language like that in front of the kids." B: "Oops, excuse my French, everyone!" Excuse my French, but this tasted like shit.
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excuse (or pardon) my French

used to apologize for swearing. informal
French has been used since the late 19th century as a euphemism for bad language.
1992 Angela Lambert A Rather English Marriage A loony can change a bloody toilet-roll, pardon my French.
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exˌcuse/ˌpardon my ˈFrench

(informal, humorous) used for saying you are sorry when you have used or are going to use rude or offensive language: Ouch, bloody hell! Oops, excuse my French!If you’ll pardon my French, he’s a bloody fool.
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Excuse my French

See also: excuse, french

excuse my French

See pardon my French.
See also: excuse, french
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There is a great story behind the genesis of Excuse My French.
Their latest project - Excuse My French - is an interactive quiz designed to accompany the BBC Two programme of the same name, which stars football pundit and ex-Coventry City manager Ron Atkinson, comedian Marcus Brigstocke and TV presenter Esther Rantzen.
You're looking for a - excuse my French - philosophical tennis partner, someone who's better than you but not so good that you get skunked every month.
I never thought Irish radio would be turned on by my music - or any f*** radio station, excuse my French," he said.
Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and Drake, "Pop That" Excuse My French (Bad Boy 2012)
I'm shouting at him to calm down and he's saying, excuse my French, 'F*** get off me' and struggling.
But, as was reported here in the Mail not too long ago, the Leader of the Council Mike Whitby and his band of merry men have actually negotiated a pretty damn good deal - excuse my French.
Esther Rantzen's no fan of reality television, and yet she was keento take part in Excuse My French, writes Graham Kibble-White.