excuse for

excuse (someone) for (something)

To forgive someone for something, often a minor indiscretion. Please excuse me for my lateness—the traffic was really bad tonight.
See also: excuse

excuse someone for something

to pardon someone for something or for (doing) something. Please excuse me for this mess. I've not been able to clean the house. I can't excuse myself for not doing it.
See also: excuse
References in classic literature ?
While the apology made for Miss Pink stated no more than the plain truth, it must be confessed that Hardyman was right in declining to be satisfied with Isabel's excuse for the melancholy that oppressed her.
In the rough draught of it, he had mentioned, as his excuse for not being yet certain of his own movements, that he expected to be immediately married.
I can make no excuse for myself; I can only tell the truth, and say--so it was.
D'Artagnan did not believe Athos to be capable of a deception, but he sought an excuse for not going to the rendezvous.
A CAT caught a Cock, and pondered how he might find a reasonable excuse for eating him.
I think I'll go down and--no, I won't JUST yet, ' she went on, checking herself just as she was beginning to run down the hill, and trying to find some excuse for turning shy so suddenly.
But this is no excuse for their concealing it from us.
He said, as if in excuse for this hope, that previously the army had encountered great defeats and in a few months had shaken off all blood and tradition of them, emerging as bright and valiant as a new one; thrusting out of sight the memory of disaster, and appearing with the valor and confidence of unconquered legions.
That is a very beautiful handkerchief, Mademoiselle Hennequin," said Betts Shoreham, making the remark an excuse for following the young lady to the sofa.
It suited you to disturb our relations, and your excuse for doing so was that you loved her.
I know the love and pity which plead your excuse for deceiving her, and the circumstances that favored the deception.
This madcap quest of mine, was it not understood between us from the beginning to be a fantastic whim, a poetical wild-goose chase, conceived entirely as an excuse for being some time in each other's company?
Thus the moment of her stranding takes away from him every excuse for his continued existence.
While I was yet in suspense, I despatched a faithful servant to the viceroy with my excuse for disobeying him; and gave the messenger strict orders to observe all that passed, and bring me an exact account.
For them a wall is not an evasion, as for us people who think and consequently do nothing; it is not an excuse for turning aside, an excuse for which we are always very glad, though we scarcely believe in it ourselves, as a rule.