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excuse someone

1. . to forgive someone. (Usually with me. Said when interrupting or when some other minor offense has been committed. There are many mannerly uses of this expression.) John came in late and said, "Excuse me, please." John said "excuse me" when he interrupted our conversation. When John made a strange noise at the table, he said quietly, "Excuse me." John suddenly left the room saying, "Excuse me. I'll be right back."
2. to permit someone to leave; to permit someone to remain away from an event. The coach excused John from practice yesterday. The teacher excused John, and he ran quickly from the room.
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Walang silbi naman yan excuse letters na yan (Those excuse letters are useless)," the Majority solon said at the Ugnayan news forum Tuesday, referring to the "incident reports" that the MRT-3 was offering to its passengers.
THE most outrageous excuses for not having a TV licence in Liverpool have been revealed - including having a false leg.
And every time they arranged to meet he made an excuse to get out of it.
WITH the tax return deadline looming, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has revealed the odd excuses for sending in a late return.
One of the excuses being an employee calling in sick with the excuse that his false teeth flew out of the window while he was driving down the highway, another classic was that an employee's favourite football team lost on Sunday so he/she needed a day to recover, the Mirror reported.
I CAN'T believe how many times that alcohol misuse has been given as an excuse for crime.
To try to excuse their behaviour by saying that they have spent their lives in care or have led difficult lives is no excuse whatsoever for the mindless violence.
But a new survey conducted by an online backup company indicates that the most common excuse now is, " My computer crashed.
Aimed at men and women of all ages, Alcohol is No Excuse aims to encourage people to think about their attitude and behaviour while under the influence of alcohol and to take advantage of the extensive support that is on offer.
2 : to overlook or pardon as of little importance Please excuse my clumsiness.
Often, it was so obvious that the excuse was a complete fabrication on the parents' and pupils' behalf, and yet they had fulfilled their obligation by bringing in a note.
The need to relax was the most popular reason for calling in sick with a fake excuse, according to 48% of workers.
Now this gives me a great excuse for not getting the tasks assigned completed, but my wife, Louise, tells me with some intensity that excuses really don't count for much.
Excuse #2: If I'm not feeling it, it doesn't exist.