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excuse someone

1. . to forgive someone. (Usually with me. Said when interrupting or when some other minor offense has been committed. There are many mannerly uses of this expression.) John came in late and said, "Excuse me, please." John said "excuse me" when he interrupted our conversation. When John made a strange noise at the table, he said quietly, "Excuse me." John suddenly left the room saying, "Excuse me. I'll be right back."
2. to permit someone to leave; to permit someone to remain away from an event. The coach excused John from practice yesterday. The teacher excused John, and he ran quickly from the room.
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Generally, a defendant seeking to reopen a default judgment must show that the neglect to answer was excusable under the circumstances and that he has a meritorious defense.
Such a decision cannot constitute excusable neglect."
Nearly every lease, real estate contract or construction contract with a specific deadline contains a "force majeure" clause, which defines whether or not a given circumstance is an excusable delay.
production filmed in Havana in more than five decades--is based on an autobiographical screenplay by the late Denne Bart Petitderc, who was befriended by the legendary author in 1959, and witnessed Hemingway at his most charismatic and least excusable. But "Papa" never transcends the tropes of a formulaic biopic that views its famous subject through the eyes of a worshipful young devotee.
A judge said the 30-yearold's behaviour was "explicable but not excusable", and warned lawlessness and anarchy could result from people taking the law into their own hands.
A judge said the 30-year-old's behaviour was "explicable but not excusable" and warned lawlessness and anarchy could result from people taking the law into their own hands.
The police claimed that E[currency]ahbaz did not target SarysE-lE-k directly and that the shooting was accidental, but E[currency]ahbaz was charged with exceeding the limits of self-defense in excusable circumstances.
In spite of his criticising the magazine's caricatures, the violence against "Charlie Hebdo" was by no means excusable, Schoenborn underlined.
Excusable Evil: An Analysis of Complete Defenses in International Criminal Law
This is excusable, however, given the sheer volume of information that must be conveyed.
"That's not excusable neglect; it is instead an attempt to seek refuge in a momentary memory lapse by a busy judge juggling a heavy caseload.
'Arabs Got Talent' newest judge, Ahmed Helmy , surprised the cast and crew of "La Mu'akhadah" (Excusable) by showing up to the on location filming site.
Cth ra ca COFFEE and cakes are excusable this month - because they can raise vital cash to provide special care for people with cancer.