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exclude (someone or something) from (something)

To prevent the inclusion of someone or something in something; to leave someone or something out of something. Kyle isn't coming to the party after all, so exclude him from your head count. Exclude pens from your supply orders for a little while because we're fully stocked on them.
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present company excluded

Without regards to the person or people in one's immediate vicinity. Everyone in this school is a self-centered, spoiled little brat. Present company excluded, of course. Present company excluded, there isn't a single person in this building who has the skills it takes to run the business.
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exclude someone or something from something

to leave someone or something out of something; to leave someone or something off a list. Did you mean to exclude me from the party? I excluded chocolate cake from the shopping list.
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13 April Belfast to Gran Canaria 14 nights self-catering pounds 339 per person Allocated on arrival, price excludes insurance Contact Falcon Direct 028 9038 9389 or if calling from Eire 1850 45 35 45
As Target illustrates, however, the same arguments can be used to exclude the testimony of accountants who offer expert opinions on damages in litigation.
The use of a revocable trust allows Roberts to control the building's ultimate disposition and to exclude it from his probate estate; however, the building will be included in his taxable estate.
If R and his second wife sell home 2 within two years of the sale of home 1, R will generally not be able to exclude his portion of the gain on home 2, but his current wife will be able to exclude her half of the gain, up to $250,000.
108(a)(1)(A) and (B) intend to exclude discharged COD income to the extent the taxpayer is in bankruptcy or is insolvent.
Effectively, a combined income tax return excludes an 80/20 company's income or loss and preserves any deductions taken by unitary group members for services that the company provided.
108(d)(3)) excludes assets (such as their fishing permit) exempt from creditors' claims under state law.
Since 1939, ministers have been allowed to exclude from income the value of a home or parsonage provided for them.
Partnership Return of Income, for the tax year of the partnership that ends with or within the tax year the partner excludes DOI income from gross income under Sec.
108(a) excludes from gross income any DOI income if the discharge occurs in either a Tide 11 case (bankruptcy), when the taxpayer is insolvent or if the debt is "qualified farm indebtedness" or (if so elected) "qualified real property business indebtedness." Under Sec.
Employers should review their employee benefit plans to ensure that the plan's language explicitly excludes classes of workers the employer intends to exclude, to the extent consistent with tax-qualified status for the plan.
108(a) generally excludes COD income from gross income if:
280A(d)(4)(A) excludes from personal use any period during which the NRX used the home as his principal residence before or after renting it to the RX.
135(c)(2)(B) excludes expenses with respect to any course or other education involving sports, games or hobbies, unless they are part of a degree program.
104(a)(2) excludes from gross income "the amount of any damages received (whether by suit or agreement) on account of personal injuries or sickness." Regs.