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exclude (someone or something) from (something)

To leave someone or something out of something. Kyle isn't coming to the party after all, so exclude him from your head count. Exclude pens from your supply orders for a little while because we're fully stocked on them.
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present company excluded

Without regards to the person or people in one's immediate vicinity. Everyone in this school is a self-centered, spoiled little brat. Present company excluded, of course. Present company excluded, there isn't a single person in this building who has the skills it takes to run the business.
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exclude someone or something from something

to leave someone or something out of something; to leave someone or something off a list. Did you mean to exclude me from the party? I excluded chocolate cake from the shopping list.
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Christian churches do not exclude from the table those who have physical ailments or psychological troubles.
512(b)(2) excludes royalties, whether measured by production or by gross or taxable income from the underlying property.
However, Jane may exclude the remaining $11,000 gain because she is not required to allocate any gain to the business use since both the property's residential and business portions are within the same dwelling unit.
A limited warranty sufficient to exclude or modify a housing merchant implied warranty must be written in plain English and must clearly disclose that the warranty is a limited warranty which limits implied warranties on the sale of the new home and the words "limited warranty" must be clearly and conspicuously captioned at the beginning of the warranty document.
Moreover, the self yearns to rediscover its basic identity with God, a unity that happens to exclude other people who are "different" or relegate them to lower levels of a developmental hierarchy.
Supreme Court had established that a trial court should exclude expert testimony if it concludes there is too great an analytical gap between the data and the opinion offered.
In presenting this non-GAAP financial measure, Equinix excludes certain non-cash or non-recurring items that it believes are not good indicators of the Company's current or future operating performance.
121 requirements, he excludes the entire $145,000 gain and reduces his basis in the property to $160,000.
The definition of income from an active business in the draft legislation includes income incident to the business but generally excludes income arising from property.
Transferring property to an irrevocable living trust in which the grantor surrenders all ownership interests excludes the corpus from the grantor's taxable estate.
However, a recent opinion by California's state attorney general excludes certain types of modular building from piggyback contracts and therefore threatens to force California school districts into the more time-consuming and costly process of competitive bidding while also exposing the schools to risks of construction delays and cost overruns.
381(a) ends in a tax year in which the transferor corporation excludes COD income from gross income.
13 specifically excludes executor costs from the definition of minimum lease payments when determining how to classify a lease (that is, whether the lease should be recorded as a capital lease or as an operating lease).
1 million, or 1 cent per diluted share, which excludes non-recurring incremental pre-opening, transition, training, relocation and store closing expenses related to the company's purchase of real property and lease rights from Quality Stores, Inc.
108(a) excludes COD income to the extent of an insolvency (if applicable), or entirely when the discharge occurs in a Title 11 case (i.