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exclude (someone or something) from (something)

To prevent the inclusion of someone or something in something; to leave someone or something out of something. Kyle isn't coming to the party after all, so exclude him from your head count. Exclude pens from your supply orders for a little while because we're fully stocked on them.
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present company excluded

Without regards to the person or people in one's immediate vicinity. Everyone in this school is a self-centered, spoiled little brat. Present company excluded, of course. Present company excluded, there isn't a single person in this building who has the skills it takes to run the business.
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exclude someone or something from something

to leave someone or something out of something; to leave someone or something off a list. Did you mean to exclude me from the party? I excluded chocolate cake from the shopping list.
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readily excludable will yield greater private returns than equally
Furthermore, for the planning which has no FGO in the initial state, the excludable constraints among the GAOs may introduce FGOs into the planning process.
The more she is oriented toward patenting, the more excludable her research turns out to be.
More generally, both the literature and our own conversations with university bioscientists suggest, ceteris paribus, that (i) basic investigation tends to involve less excludable findings than does applied investigation; (ii) better-published and more commercially oriented academic scientists attract more funds than others do; and (iii) government research sponsorship attracts industry sponsorship.
The Aleinikoff Memo directly contradicts the plain language of the statute when it states that the guidelines provided in this Memorandum are intended to ensure that all waiver applications involving HIV infection are adjudicated fairly and consistently, and that all aliens found excludable under section 212(a)(1)(A)(i) [the HIV exclusion] are treated equally."(75) This memorandum fails to recognize that refugees are distinct from other immigrants because they are aliens admitted under the Refugee Act.
1991) (Title VII back pay awards not excludable) and Thompson v.
If in a subsequent year the taxpayer takes a qualifying distribution, it is excludable from gross income.
Under that exception, a non-annuity amount received under a life insurance contract (other than a modified endowment contract) is includable in gross income to the extent it exceeds the "investment in the contract." For this purpose, "investment in the contract" means the aggregate premiums (or other consideration paid for the contract before that date) minus the aggregate amount received under the contract before that date that was excludable from gross income.
The first step in determining the excludable portion of payments under a single life annuity is to determine the investment in the contract.
(4) (For tax effects of insurance funding, see Q 46, Q 47, and Q 63.) Employee death benefits rarely qualify as life insurance benefits wholly excludable under IRC Section 101(a).
When processing large panels, the machines' center references are excludable, which leaves double clamps to hold the panels horizontally or vertically.
2004-55, IRB 2004-26, June 28, 2004, considered the following issue: Under an "Amended Plan" (described below), are long-term disability benefits received by an employee, who becomes disabled, excludable from the employee's gross income under Sec.
MacArthur went on to discuss the excludable dividend account (EDA) in some depth and suggested that the dividend exclusion may put market pressure on publicly held companies to pay dividends.
The district court dismissed the action, finding that immediate release was not warranted for an inadmissible Mariel Cuban who had been adjudged excludable in 1992, and who had received annual reviews pursuant to the Cuban Review Plan.