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burst with excitement

To be so filled up with enthusiasm as to be unable to contain it. I am just bursting with excitement about our new house and can't wait to move in!
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burst with excitement

Fig. to have a strong feeling of excitement. Joe was just bursting with excitement because of his triumph. The new toys had the children all bursting with excitement.
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ripple of excitement

a series of quiet but excited murmurs. A ripple of excitement spread through the crowd. As the president came near, a ripple of excitement indicated that people could really see him.
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References in classic literature ?
Micawber rushed out of the house; leaving us in a state of excitement, hope, and wonder, that reduced us to a condition little better than his own.
Instantly she was all excitement to play again the game of hide and seek with death.
Ten minutes had elapsed since the nurse had left; Valentine, who for the last hour had been suffering from the fever which returned nightly, incapable of controlling her ideas, was forced to yield to the excitement which exhausted itself in producing and reproducing a succession and recurrence of the same fancies and images.
Though struck by the alteration in his demeanour, the excitement under which I laboured was too strong to permit me to obey the unexpected command, and I was still limping towards the edge of the pi-pi with Kory-Kory clinging to one arm in his efforts to restrain me, when the natives around started to their feet, ranged themselves along the open front of the building, while Mehevi looked at me scowlingly, and reiterated his commands still more sternly.
If, to preserve its Unity -- its totality of effect or impression -- we read it (as would be necessary) at a single sitting, the result is but a constant alternation of excitement and depression.
In place of the excitement of her return, and the interest it had inspired, she saw before her a long and stony highway which she had to tread, without aid, and with little sympathy.
That was a stupid trip of ours, after all, and I wouldn't advise any body who is greedy for excitement to undertake it.
I was not unprepared for jagged rocks and treacherous shoals if I could only have change -- change and the excitement of the unforeseen.
He advanced into the room mechanically; but perceiving Nina Alexandrovna and Varia he became more or less embarrassed, in spite of his excitement.
At each of these towns thousands of people met him with excitement and enthusiasm.
I fear that the excitement may be too great for you," said Dorothea, remembering Lydgate's cautions.
Well, she's gone anyhow; and I suppose the next excitement will be Diana's wedding.
All around were evidences of that excitement which always precedes a great race.
Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes bright with excitement.
The boy who had knocked him on the head with the paddle, tied his legs securely and tossed him out on the beach ere he forgot him in the excitement of looting the Arangi.