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color me (something)

An exclamation used to indicate some particular emotion or condition. You did the dishes and cleaned your room? Well, color me amazed—I never thought the day would come! A: "See? I told you I wasn't the one who did it." B: "Color me wrong. Sorry, Tom."
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excite (one) about (something)

To cause one to feel enthusiastic about something, especially in anticipation of participating in it. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "excite" and "about." Despite my best efforts, I still haven't been able to excite my students about trigonometry.
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excite (something) in (one)

To stimulate a particular feeling, interest, etc. in someone. I'm afraid of flying, so learning that my new job requires me to travel by plane excited terror in me. Going to the museum as a kid really excited a love of dinosaurs in me
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excited about (something)

Enthusiastic about something, especially in anticipation of participating in it. I'm so excited about my new job—it's really the kind of work I've been wanting to do all my life.
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more than a little

Very; significantly. Usually said of a particular emotion. I'm more than a little disappointed that you won't be coming to the wedding, I must say. Tom is more than a little excited about starting his new job.
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more than a little exˈcited, ˈshocked, etc.

quite or very excited, shocked, etc: Peter was more than a little disappointed not to be chosen for the team.I was more than a little surprised to see it still there two days later.
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I'm very, very excited to be part of it,' she told media, after rain delayed the start of the match between Multan Sultans and Karachi Kings in Sharjah on Friday.
New York [USA], July 15 ( ANI ): Excited about being in New York for IIFA, actress Alia Bhatt, who has collaborated with the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) for the first time this year, said being in the "Big Apple" for the event is like being at home.
Considerable searches for the spin-1/2 charged and neutral excited lepton signatures have been performed for the [e.sup.+] and ep colliders [15-18]; [gamma][gamma] [19-22] and e[gamma][14,23] colliders; pp [24-27] and pp [28-30] colliders.
Excited delirium has generated enough legal and governmental interest that a provincial court judge in the province of Alberta has called for the creation of a national database to track deaths attributed to it (Lamoureux 2011).
@JayWilliams185: 2 words: delighted and excited #attractivefootball @Jiggy_LFC: Happy, and actually quite excited.
Hydrogen bonding and transfer in excited states; 2v.
Figure 1 is a schematic diagram that shows formations of four generations of leptons from annihilations of up and down quarks and antiquarks with one excited quantum state for each of them.
Drawing mostly on his lectures to students of the physical sciences in their second or third undergraduate year, Wardle (Manchester Metropolitan U.) introduces the principles and applications of the branch of chemistry that deals with the interaction between matter and photons of visible or ultraviolet light, and the subsequent physical and chemical processes that occur from the electronically excited state formed by photon adsorption.
In today's commentary, Orhan Ibrahimi wonders what the present position of ethnic Albanians is and if they should be excited about the fact that Macedonia obtained a date for EU accession talks?
Fox is excited to be getting in early on Winick's plans to tap into the southern California market in particular.
Abstract: In this study the influence between excited and self-excited oscillations during identification of a non-linear oscillating system using the phenomenological method was investigated.
When excited by a light source, the electrons emit energy that corresponds to a color determined by the dot's size.
Students are very excited about the possibilities to share writing and to engage in peer editing through beaming or simply by carrying their handheld to a friend's desk.