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excite (something) in (someone)

To stimulate a particular feeling in someone. I'm afraid of flying, so learning that my new job requires me to travel by plane excited terror in me.
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excite about (something)

1. To cause one to feel energized and lively. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "excite" and "about." Despite my best efforts, I still haven't been able to excite my students about trigonometry.
2. To feel energized and lively. I'm so excited about my new job—it's really the kind of work I've been wanting to do all my life.
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excite someone about something

to stimulate someone about something. I thought our vacation stories would excite her about going, but they did not. She was excited about the trip to Moscow.
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excite something in someone

to arouse something in someone; to arouse someone with something. The horror movie excited a lot of fear in Mike. The smell of jasmine in the warm air excited a romantic streak in me.
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