exchange with

exchange (something) with (one)

To trade or swap something with someone else. Don't tell mom that I exchanged half of my sandwich with one of the others kids for a bag of chips. Mom wants us to save our money instead of exchanging Christmas gifts with each other this year.
See also: exchange

exchange something with someone

to trade something with someone. I exchange Christmas presents with him, but I never see him otherwise. Let's exchange coats with each other.
See also: exchange
References in classic literature ?
The same thing holds true of all other possessions; for barter, in general, had its original beginning in nature, some men having a surplus, others too little of what was necessary for them: hence it is evident, that the selling provisions for money is not according to the natural use of things; for they were obliged to use barter for those things which they wanted; but it is plain that barter could have no place in the first, that is to say, in family society; but must have begun when the number of those who composed the community was enlarged: for the first of these had all things in common; but when they came to be separated they were obliged to exchange with each other many different things which both parties wanted.
And they exchange with one another, and one gives, and another receives, under the idea that the exchange will be for their good.
Suppose now that a husbandman, or an artisan, brings some production to market, and he comes at a time when there is no one to exchange with him,--is he to leave his calling and sit idle in the market-place?
Hall wrote from Buffalo that his exchange with twelve boys had become "a perfect Bedlam.
If your firm is considering joining an exchange with typical contractual provisions, one alternative is to require proof of insurance.
He sought to structure a two-party exchange with the seller of the new property; after being turned down, he sought a multiparty simultaneous exchange.
1031 exchange, because T cannot exchange with an escrow.