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excess baggage

1. Literally, travel luggage that exceeds the dimensions of size or weight normally allowed on a plane or train, usually requiring a fee for it to be allowed onboard. My suitcase was only slightly over the weight limit, but the airline clerk still insisted on labeling my suitcase as excess baggage and slapping me with a fine.
2. Any person or thing that is unnecessary or unwanted and thus is or becomes burdensome. I know it's ungenerous, but Martin's younger brother has been nothing but excess baggage since we agreed to let him live with us.
3. A personal history, emotional disposition, or traumatic experience that is or becomes debilitating or burdensome in life. He carried the excess baggage of his abusive parents with him for years after leaving home. Her reclusiveness has become real excess baggage for her in recent months.
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in excess of

Over; greater or more than. The retail giant predicts earnings for the past year in excess of $4 million.
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(do something) to excess

To do or indulge in something too much. I started to lose weight once I stopped regularly eating to excess. I'll go to the pub with you guys, but I'm not drinking to excess tonight—I have to be up early tomorrow.
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drink to excess

To drink alcohol to the point of intoxication. This is an important event for me, honey, so please don't drink to excess and make a fool of yourself.
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do something to excess

to do too much of something; to consume too much of something. Anne often drinks to excess at parties. John smokes to excess when he works.
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drink to excess

Euph. to drink too much alcohol; to drink alcohol continually. Mr. Franklin drinks to excess. Some people drink to excess only at parties.
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carry too far

Also, carry to excess. Extend too much in a single direction, as in One can carry the concept of mercy too far; these young thugs should be punished, or Humor in a sermon can be carried to excess. [Early 1700s]
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in excess of

Greater than, more than, as in The book sold in excess of a million copies. [Early 1600s]
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in excess of

Greater than; more than: unit sales in excess of 20 million.
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In addition, it appears the FMV of the right to receive the policy's future excess cash surrender value should be reported as a gift in the year the split-dollar arrangement is established.
The amount of A's excess accumulation is $1,092, 170 ($2,000,000 (value of A's interest in X) -- $907,830 (value of hypothetical single life annuity contract)).
NEW YORK -- The AIG Companies have announced that Todd Germano has been named Executive Vice President of AIG Specialty Excess(SM), an excess casualty underwriting unit of the AIG Companies.
If the amount exceeds the pool, the excess is charged against income.
At an October 15, 1999 summit meeting, the United States and Norway agreed to create a Joint Working Group to assist at-risk countries in the destruction of excess SA/LW.
But to say that such periods increase the competitive strains on particular industries (that is, that they create problems of sectoral excess capacity) is different from saying that they create a problem of global overcapacity.
not on Form W-2,1099 or 990) can cause a per se excess benefit transaction; it cannot later be defended as part of an overall reasonable compensation package (e.
As a leader in providing risk management solutions to the large national account segment, we are pleased to combine our ability to tailor umbrella and excess programs with exceptional service, to provide a unique option to the evolving middle market segment," said Connie Germano, Senior Vice President, Excess Casualty, ACE Casualty Risk.
The definition of passive income for purposes of the tax on excess net passive income includes exempt interest income.
is the nation's leading managing insurance agent for public entity risks and a preeminent writer of specialty excess casualty insurance for the residential and commercial contracting industries.
5 (1997), that an excess contribution to an individual retirement account (IRA) that had previously been taxed increased the taxpayer's basis in his IRA.
The IRS softened the blow by ruling that the earnings on the excess $14,000 would not be taxable to the individual until actually distributed.
The repeal of the 15% excess distributions tax alleviates the need to be concerned about excess distributions or to keep track of unrecovered grandfathered amounts.
45% credit enhancement provided by classes M-1 through M-11, monthly excess interest and initial over collateralization (OC) of 2.
An excess distribution (defined in relation to past distributions) is taxable, even if it exceeds the PFIC's earnings and profits and would not otherwise be a taxable dividend.