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excess baggage

1. Literally, travel luggage that exceeds the dimensions of size or weight normally allowed on a plane or train, usually requiring a fee for it to be allowed onboard. My suitcase was only slightly over the weight limit, but the airline clerk still insisted on labeling my suitcase as excess baggage and slapping me with a fine.
2. Any person or thing that is unnecessary or unwanted and thus is or becomes burdensome. I know it's ungenerous, but Martin's younger brother has been nothing but excess baggage since we agreed to let him live with us.
3. A personal history, emotional disposition, or traumatic experience that is or becomes debilitating or burdensome in life. He carried the excess baggage of his abusive parents with him for years after leaving home. Her reclusiveness has become real excess baggage for her in recent months.
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in excess of

Over; greater or more than. The retail giant predicts earnings for the past year in excess of $4 million.
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(do something) to excess

To do or indulge in something too much. I started to lose weight once I stopped regularly eating to excess. I'll go to the pub with you guys, but I'm not drinking to excess tonight—I have to be up early tomorrow.
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drink to excess

To drink alcohol to the point of intoxication. This is an important event for me, honey, so please don't drink to excess and make a fool of yourself.
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do something to excess

to do too much of something; to consume too much of something. Anne often drinks to excess at parties. John smokes to excess when he works.
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drink to excess

Euph. to drink too much alcohol; to drink alcohol continually. Mr. Franklin drinks to excess. Some people drink to excess only at parties.
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carry too far

Also, carry to excess. Extend too much in a single direction, as in One can carry the concept of mercy too far; these young thugs should be punished, or Humor in a sermon can be carried to excess. [Early 1700s]
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in excess of

Greater than, more than, as in The book sold in excess of a million copies. [Early 1600s]
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in excess of

Greater than; more than: unit sales in excess of 20 million.
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The excess tax benefit of $1,750 [($20,00 tax deduction--$15,000 compensation expense recorded) x 35% tax rate] is credited to APIC.
If a D & O program includes a primary policy with no mandatory arbitration provision and an excess policy that is silent on the point, there is blissful symmetry among the policies in the program because the excess policy follows the primary policy on this issue.
weapons replace the country's current inventory, how many weapons will become excess to military requirements?
Other countries that invested heavily in equipment to produce integrated circuits, cell phones, servers, routers, and laptops will suffer for a time from the same excess capacity that currently affects the United States.
some 100 corporate barter exchanges help large manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors trade excess inventory.
They can't get excess SCRIE without it," said Kupferman.
As such, a larger portion of premium would need to be dedicated to the excess layer.
Such excess liquid or invested funds are often indicative of an unreasonable accumulation for purposes of the AE tax and often cause excess PHC receipts (interest and dividend income) in the case of the PHC tax.
Tax-exempts are now required to disclose information on their Forms 990, Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax, about disqualified persons, details of excess benefit transactions and penalty taxes paid under sections 4911, 4912 and 4955.
To make certain that at least some level of benefit security is maintained, excess assets are defined as assets in excess of 125 percent of the pension plan's current liability.
A penalty on the recipient equal to 25% of the excess benefit.
While demand for this coverage continues, the market in general is shrinking due to changes in mechanisms for risk transfer for health-care services, said Carol Adams, managing actuary, accident and health, of Irving, Texas-headquartered TIG Insurance and past-president of the Provider Excess Loss Association, a nonprofit trade group for companies doing business in the provider excess-loss reinsurance market.
The Fed is mistaken in trying to dry up this type of excess demand.
In the corporate treasury environment, treasury staff managers have responsibility for a number of activities, including, among other things, collections, disbursements, bank relationships, borrowing, and-of course-the investment of excess cash.