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excerpt from (something)

To use a passage from or section of something, often a text. A noun or pronoun can be used between "excerpt" and 'from." I'm planning to excerpt this section from Hamlet in my term paper so that the professor can see my close reading of it.
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excerpt something from something

to select a part of something from the whole. We excerpted a few short scenes from the play and performed them for the class. A few paragraphs had been excerpted from the film as an example.
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Excerpt from Film Art: "The Relation of Shot to Shot".
With excerpts from Breakfast, Luncheon, and Tea (1875) and Bills of Fare for All Seasons of the Year (1889).
The readers rated the excerpts on a five-point scale, from "excellent" to "unacceptable.
Carter and the contributors do not explain the use of italics in the diary excerpts.
The excerpts included one of a man identified as a September 11 hijacker delivering what appeared to be a farewell message, saying, "It's time to kill Americans in their heartland.
Although it is hard to justify expanding a collection that is already 550 pages, Baptists in America would have been better served had the editor provided more excerpts from Southern Baptist life following the Civil War
excerpt and the oft-cited passage "There are thus two interpretations of interpretation, of structure, of sign, of play.
Julie has had considerable experience working with primary source materials and often makes up packets of them for her students -- photocopying excerpts or photographs.
North & Hargreaves (in press) employed a methodological departure from these other studies by playing participants 60 short excerpts of commercially released pop music.
See box on page 9 for excerpts from AcSEC's comment letter.
When they search historical literature, Pang, stothers and others look not only for direct observations of volcanic eruptions but also for passages like the above excerpts from Plutarch and the Han dynasty chronicles.
Fresh on the heels of his text Horn Playing from the Inside Out (previously reviewed in The Horn Call), we have a new resource in Orchestral Excerpts for Low Horn.
Unlike the front essays and excerpts where there are a few nonfiction pieces, the back end is weighted with fiction.
The first act consisted of earlier works, in their entirety or excerpts, including Corbett's eccentric solo Wigwam Ladies (1984), in which she performed a series of gestures and steps while dressed in white bunny fur bra and short, flouncy skirt.