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excerpt from (something)

To use a passage from or section of something, often a text. A noun or pronoun can be used between "excerpt" and 'from." I'm planning to excerpt this section from "Hamlet" in my term paper so that the professor can see my close reading of it.
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excerpt something from something

to select a part of something from the whole. We excerpted a few short scenes from the play and performed them for the class. A few paragraphs had been excerpted from the film as an example.
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Excerpt from Film Art: "The Relation of Shot to Shot".
And again, 20th Century Fox has had the site remove the excerpt, which, as comicbookmovie.com noted, confirms that it was part of the movie's script.
The third section of the collection, "Indigenous Science and Sustainability," features excerpted narratives contrasting Western science with what Dillon calls "Indigenous scientific literacies," including the critically acclaimed futuristic postcolonialism of Nalo Hopkinson's Midnight Robber (2000) and the post-apocalyptic cultural clashes of Andrea Hairston's Mindscape (2006), as well Gerald Vizenor's Darkness in St.
Intentionally compiled without thematic chapters or subject headings, the book presents stand-alone quotations, with each excerpt able to be read alone and then reflected upon for application.
Companies from Spain, Hungary, France, and Norway presented less than stellar excerpts. Perhaps they would have fared better had they done whole pieces.
With excerpts from A Brand Plucked from the Fire, Chapter 1, "Birth and Parentage" (1879).
This large book, the first of two projected volumes, presents excerpts from documents dealing with education found in the archives of Florence and the towns ruled by Florence in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-15 August 2007-HarperCollins launches new book excerpts link for iPhone users(C)1994-2007 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.m2.com
Felicia Lowe screened excerpts from China: Land of My Father and El Barrio Chino, describing them as bookends twenty-five years apart that examine similar stories of family, culture, and identity.
Other required readings, short excerpts from books, and journal articles are listed below and available on Library Electronic Reserve.
A new Publishers Portal service has been created by Dial-A-Book, which operates the Chapter One database of excerpts from around 100,000 books,
Instead, Hokum serves up an eclectic selection of readings, quotations and excerpts from a wide body of African American writings, including fiction, public speeches and popular cinema.
His photographs of the 1906 earthquake and fires are eloquent testimony to the disaster, Read the following excerpts from his memoir, then answer the questions below.
Instead, we are treated to some excerpts from George Washington's speeches with rather deistic terminology that is miraculously transformed into biblical allusions.
for alleged copyright infringement under the Copyright Act of 1976, after Kinko's copied excerpts from books without permission and sold the copies for profit.