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Changes of Ownership of Excepted Off-Campus PBDs CMS is proposing that if a hospital has a change of ownership and the new owners accept the existing Medicare provider agreement from the prior owner, the off-campus PBD may maintain its excepted status under the other rules outlined in this regulation.
Moreover, if you fall under this definition and are not excepted, use any means of interstate commerce (mail, e-mail, telephone) as part of your investment advisory business and are required to register with the SEC and fail to do so, you may have violated the act, subjecting you to criminal and civil prosecution.
Any CPA who meets this three-part investment adviser definition is, unless excepted, subject either to state or SEC registration and the act's anti-fraud provisions (see "The Reach of the Anti-Fraud Provisions,").
ACPA meeting the definition of investment adviser in the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 and not excepted under the professional's safe harbor must determine whether he or she must register with a state agency or with the SEC itself.
Organizations not required to file Form 8871, and caucuses or associations of state or local officials, are excepted from filing Form 990.
446(e), because the regulation excepted it, providing that "a change in the method of accounting does not include .