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except for (someone or something)

1. Excluding someone or something. Everyone turned their project in on time except for Brian. I'm having a pretty good day—well, except for that boring meeting this morning.
2. If not for something. I'm sorry, I would have called you except for all this work I have to get done.
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except for one thing

Excluding one specific thing. I love this school, except for one thing—the lack of classes in my major.
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present company excepted

Without regards to the person or people in one's immediate vicinity. Everyone in this school is a self-centered, spoiled little brat. Present company excepted, of course. Present company excepted, there isn't a single person in this building who has the skills it takes to run the business.
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There is a remedy for everything except death.

Prov. Everything but death can be cured.; As long as you are alive, your problems can somehow be solved. Bill: I'll never recover from losing Nancy. Fred: Nonsense. There is a remedy for everything except death. Whenever Linda despaired, she sternly reminded herself that there is a remedy for everything except death.

except for

Also, with the exception of. Other than, were it not for. For example, Except for Jack, everyone came to the party, or With the exception of the weather, everything went extremely well. [c. 1600]
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present company excepted

People say present company excepted when they say something about other people, to show that they are not referring to the people or person they are with. Men are hopeless at expressing their feelings, present company excepted, of course. Note: This expression is usually used when people are saying something critical or unpleasant about other people.
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present company excepted

excluding those who are here now.
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present company exˈcepted

(also excepting present ˈcompany) used as a polite remark to show that the criticisms you are making are not directed at the people you are talking to: My feeling is that the people around here, present company excepted of course, are rather unfriendly.
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except for

Were it not for: I would join you except for my cold.
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In Tartous, all roads are passable except some sub-roads such as the road of al-Raqma-Massyaf, and all the roads which lead to al-Qadmous area, while in Lattakia, all main roads are open except a number of sub-roads due to the accumulation of snow and the formation of ice.
The second reason why exceptive conditionals, such as except if, have attracted little attention from psycholinguists and cognitive psychologists has to do with the idea that for some authors, except if and unless are semantically equivalent (Declerck & Reed, 2000; Geis, 1973; Montolio, 2000).
American Accelerated Benefit All states except CA, NY
Consider this example: it has been made clear that the diagonal intersects the three parts separate from each other, whereas the sides intersect them when they are connected; therefore, no shape can truly be composed of these parts, be it a triangle, a square or anything else, except by approximation.
Situation 4: The facts are the same as in Situation 1, except that the health FSA and HRA are post-deductible arrangements that only pay or reimburse medical expenses (including the individual's 20% coinsurance responsibility for expenses above the deductible) alter the minimum annual deductible of the HDHP is satisfied.
Confidence games and bad checks, except forgeries and counterfeiting, are included.
So the others were destroyed, except someone apparently was insubordinate to the bishop and took those texts out of the library, sealed them in a jar, and buried them to preserve them.
Rents and vacancy rates are improving in all prime areas despite a sluggish economy, except for downtown whose circumstances are unique.
Except for four years--I can't remember at the beginning of my life, and another year in my twenties teaching college in Cleveland--I'd never really been anywhere else except down South and I never really wanted to.
A financial holding company may not directly or indirectly acquire or control any merchant banking investment except in compliance with the requirements of this subpart.
Key:PLCpublic limited companyPRLLCprivate limited liability companyLPSClimited partnership with share capitalLPlimited partnershipEEIGEuropean economic interest groupingThere are no restrictions on creating legal structures, except in Ireland (PLCs and LPSCs), the Netherlands (PLCs) and Germany and Spain (co-operatives).
It's hard to tell the truth about a real person except in a work of fiction.
Just as no one can reach the Father except through the Son, generally speaking, no one can reach Jesus except through Mary.
Roscoe, Plant Manager Equipment #10 mixer Mixing capabilities: All except Viton, silicone or colors Capacity.
Effective July 1, 1994, the FBI Laboratory will no longer accept evidence from State and local law enforcement agencies for forensic examination in cases involving property crime investigations, except those cases that involve personal injury or for crimes that were intended to cause personal injury.