excel at

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excel at (something)

To perform especially well at something. When we were in school, my brother excelled at art, while I was always better at subjects like science and math. Public speaking is something that Kristy really excels at.
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excel at something

 and excel in something
to do something in a superior fashion. She really excels at running. Wally does not excel at anything. Frank always hoped he would excel in math.
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References in classic literature ?
You," he said to the First Poet, "excel in Art - take the Apple.
They that desire to excel in too many matters, out of levity and vain glory, are ever envious.
Your ill-judged remarks have made me exceedingly angry, and you are quite mistaken, for I excel in a great many athletic exercises; indeed, so long as I had youth and strength, I was among the first athletes of the age.
The school sitch You're likely to excel in one particular subject--or maybe a sport or other interest--and this could go pretty far in determining your future career choice.
According to Lavin, it's the responsibility of leadership to teach new Sailors what it takes to be successful in this organization and, ultimately, to excel in life.