excel at

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excel at (something)

To do especially well at something. When we were in school, my brother excelled at art, while I was always better at subjects like science and math. Public speaking is something that Kristy really excels at.
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excel at something

 and excel in something
to do something in a superior fashion. She really excels at running. Wally does not excel at anything. Frank always hoped he would excel in math.
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References in classic literature ?
They that desire to excel in too many matters, out of levity and vain glory, are ever envious.
Look now at Stubb; a man who from his humorous, deliberate coolness and equanimity in the direst emergencies, was specially qualified to excel in pitchpoling.
He was one of those invaluable labourers who can not only turn their hand to everything, but excel in everything they turn their hand to.
You pick the things for what they can excel in--for what they can excel in.
As this is one of the singularities of China, so they may be allowed to excel in it; but I am very sure they excel in their accounts of it; for they told me such incredible things of their performance in crockery-ware, for such it is, that I care not to relate, as knowing it could not be true.
As the Indians of the plains who depend upon the chase are bold and expert riders, and pride themselves upon their horses, so these piscatory tribes of the coast excel in the management of canoes, and are never more at home than when riding upon the waves.
3--4) Snipes' longstanding passion for dance and martial arts has enabled him to excel in roles in action films, including ``Passenger 57,'' above, and ``Demolition Man,'' below.
Best's report acknowledges that the Company continues to excel in nearly all of its established lines of business, while improving its overall position relative to other mutual life insurers.
This is the only complete how-to guide and reference book for the creation of high performance add-ins for Excel in C and C++ for users in the finance industry.
We are graduating young men and women who excel in academics, public safety, discipline, community service, and personal interaction.
Our continued relationship with Skehan and our work on behalf of The History Channel is further validation of e-Media's ability to excel in large-scale, multi-faceted projects.
This year's honorees excel in managing their customer relationships to increase market share and build customer loyalty.
The first manufacturer to offer Microsoft(R) Windows NT(R) Embedded in solid-state access devices, Netier designs its products to excel in a wide variety of worldwide computing environments.
The first and only manufacturer to offer Microsoft(R) Windows(R) NT Embedded in solid-state access devices, Netier designs its products to excel in a wide variety of worldwide computing environments.
Through the use of AMD innovations, Norand will continue to introduce robust mobile systems that excel in their ability to give mobile users what they want: processing power, ruggedness, local and wide area communications options, and graphics capabilities.