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exceed (someone or something) by (something)

To surpass or outshine someone or something by a certain amount. Well, Greg got the promotion because the quality of his work exceeded yours by a great degree.
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exceed (someone or something) in (something)

To surpass or outshine something in some action or trait. Well, Greg got the promotion because his work really exceeded yours in quality.
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exceed someone or something by something

to surpass someone or something by some amount. Wally exceeded his quota by two hundred. He exceeded Larry by a large amount.
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exceed someone or something in something

to surpass someone or something in something. Tom exceeds Walter in athletic ability. Ralph exceeded the Rock of Gibraltar in hardheadedness.
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Alternatively, parents can elect to include the child's gross income exceeding $1,700 (for 2006) in their returns.
Best Show Pony, Mare or Gelding, four years old and over, exceeding 138 cms and not exceeding 148cms: 1, T McKay, Seamoor Flashdance; 2, Mrs JB Hugill, Basford Sandalwood; 3, Mrs J Agnew, Buck's Fizz; 4, Emmersons, Moorbank Fabian
DC motors, DC generators, of an output exceeding 75 KW but not exceeding 375 KW
The wells with the highest levels of arsenic exceeding federal standards of 10 ppb were in Lancaster, Santa Clarita, Tujunga, Altadena, Saugus, Artesia, Cerritos and Neenach, ranging from 13.
A 36% tax bracket will be added to the existing three and will apply to joint filers with taxable incomes of more than $140,000 and to single filers with taxable incomes exceeding $115,000.
The disqualified portion of OID corresponds to the ratio of the instrument's "disqualified yield" to its total yield; the disqualified yield is the portion of total yield exceeding the relevant Treasury rate plus 600 basis points.
The ministers did not publicly address a key concern: OPEC is exceeding its production ceiling by about 1 million barrels a day even without Iraq exports and once Iraq is back, somebody will have to cut production to prop up the price.
This total backlog exceeding $16 million is a 165% increase compared to a year ago, when the orders on hand were $6 million.
179 property placed in service during the year exceeding $200,000 (Sec.
In addition to identifying how often and by how much municipalities are exceeding their overtime budget, the "Municipalities Challenged to Manage Budgets and Overtime" survey identified the impact on constituents.
A donor who contributes property, other than publicly traded stock, and claims a charitable contribution deduction exceeding $5,000 must satisfy the following requirements:
The total year end sales exceeded more than $159 million in total sales, with gross commission revenue exceeding $3.
We are witnessing a major shift in inspection to a digital process that is easier, much faster, and more comprehensive than traditional methods, while meeting or exceeding repeatability and reproducibility standards," says Alberto Griffa, senior product manager for Geomagic Qualify.
It was the second straight year that the pension fund achieved double-digit returns, exceeding its actuarially assumed rate of return of 7.
These products represent the highest value-added segment of the mineral fillers market with average prices for some products exceeding $0.