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exceed (someone or something) by (something)

To surpass or outshine someone or something by a certain amount. Well, Greg got the promotion because the quality of his work exceeded yours by a great degree.
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exceed (someone or something) in (something)

To surpass or outshine something in some action or trait. Well, Greg got the promotion because his work really exceeded yours in quality.
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exceed someone or something by something

to surpass someone or something by some amount. Wally exceeded his quota by two hundred. He exceeded Larry by a large amount.
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exceed someone or something in something

to surpass someone or something in something. Tom exceeds Walter in athletic ability. Ralph exceeded the Rock of Gibraltar in hardheadedness.
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A rental agreement has increasing or decreasing rent if during the lease term the annualized fixed rent allocated to any rental period exceeds the annualized fixed rent allocated to any other rental period.
Ultimately, we believe management's long-term performance is best measured by Market Value Added (MVA), the amount by which the market value of the firm exceeds the capital invested in it.
Your AGI exceeds the $150,000 threshold by $50,000.
DGDA-2490 exceeds both ASTM PE3408 and ISO PE100 requirements.
In general terms, impairment is defined as the condition that exists when the carrying amount of an asset exceeds its fair value.
Maturity exceeds five years (including extension options).
One method, patterned after the gross receipts method in section 925(a)(2) for computing FSC commissions, would be to treat the FSC as having made adequate tax payments for purposes of sections 6655 and 6151, provided the quarterly installments equal or exceed the tax on 1.
743(e) loss disallowance rules, a partner may not claim losses, except to the extent that they exceed the loss recognized by the transferor partner.
In monolayer blown films, Exceed 1012CA mVLDPE has been shown to outshine monolayer conventional LLDPE and ULDPE, as well as mLLDPE and plastomers in sealing performance (see graph on next page).
62(a)(19), the amount that may be deducted above-the-line cannot exceed the amount includible in the taxpayer's gross income for the tax year on account of a judgment or settlement (whether by suit or agreement and whether as lump-sum or periodic payments) resulting from such claim.
The amount paid does not exceed the amount of points generally charged in the area.
An improvement is minor if its cost does not exceed $3,000.