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exceed (someone or something) by (something)

To surpass or outshine something by a certain amount. Well, Greg got the promotion because the quality of his work exceeded yours by a great degree.
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exceed (someone or something) in (something)

To surpass or outshine something in some action or trait. Well, Greg got the promotion because his work really exceeded yours in quality.
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exceed someone or something by something

to surpass someone or something by some amount. Wally exceeded his quota by two hundred. He exceeded Larry by a large amount.
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exceed someone or something in something

to surpass someone or something in something. Tom exceeds Walter in athletic ability. Ralph exceeded the Rock of Gibraltar in hardheadedness.
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The Exceed for OS/2 32 Bit PC X server harnesses OS/2's high performance multi-threaded architecture, delivering the industry's highest OS/2 X server performance, and is seamlessly integrated within the OS/2 environment as a native application.
The Exceed Structured Shield Index Strategy Fund seeks to provide a risk/reward profile, in which the risks of an investment are, in the Advisor's opinion, somewhat limited, as are the potential rewards.
Exceed Beyond comes with unlimited users and starts at $50 per month.
Children subject to the Kiddie Tax pay tax at their parents' top marginal rates on the child's unearned income over $1,700 (for 2006) if that tax exceeds the tax the child would otherwise pay on that income.
Automatic Cluster Failover: Exceed onDemand provides complete failover protection because it can maintain the integrity of the cluster in the case of system failure or scheduled maintenance that affects the availability of one or more nodes.
If the contractor fails to meet the minimum diversion requirement but does not exceed $100,000 in administrative charges in any of the years, the city has the right to offer or not offer an extension option to the contractor.
In monolayer blown films, Exceed 1012CA mVLDPE has been shown to outshine monolayer conventional LLDPE and ULDPE, as well as mLLDPE and plastomers in sealing performance (see graph on next page).
According to the ruling, to qualify as an MSA high-deductible family health plan, benefits cannot be paid to any family member until the entire family's annual medical expenses exceed $3,000.
Should the bonus for a given year exceed the targeted incentive, any amount over 125 percent of the targeted figure is "banked.
The employer, at its expense, must provide respiratory protection to employees, whenever an employee's exposure exceeds 50 micrograms/m3, whenever an employee requests a respirator, and as interim protection for employees performing certain high risk tasks involving lead such as manual sanding, scraping, and demolition.
However, interest on a home-equity loan, line of credit, or second mortgage secured by your home is fully deductible provided the debt doesn't exceed the lesser of the fair market value of your home minus the total acquisition debt or $100,000 ($50,000 if married and filing separately).
Generating sets, diesel or semi-diesel engines, of an output not exceed 75 KVA
Since it began operations in 2002, Exceed has targeted its growth on the consumer markets in second and third-tier cities in China.
62(a)(19), the amount that may be deducted above-the-line cannot exceed the amount includible in the taxpayer's gross income for the tax year on account of a judgment or settlement (whether by suit or agreement and whether as lump-sum or periodic payments) resulting from such claim.
FASB acknowledges that there are costs associated with the new goodwill impairment test but believes the benefits of writing down goodwill when impaired instead of on an arbitrary, systematic basis exceed those costs.