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exceed (someone or something) by (something)

To surpass or outshine someone or something by a certain amount. Well, Greg got the promotion because the quality of his work exceeded yours by a great degree.
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exceed (someone or something) in (something)

To surpass or outshine something in some action or trait. Well, Greg got the promotion because his work really exceeded yours in quality.
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exceed someone or something by something

to surpass someone or something by some amount. Wally exceeded his quota by two hundred. He exceeded Larry by a large amount.
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exceed someone or something in something

to surpass someone or something in something. Tom exceeds Walter in athletic ability. Ralph exceeded the Rock of Gibraltar in hardheadedness.
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(This provision affects only taxpayers with fairly high AGI and relatively few itemized deductions.) When AGI exceeds the threshold, this new limitation increases the effective marginal tax rate by nearly 1 percent (31 percent of 3 percent, or 0.93 percent).
* chemical industry is expected to exceed $3.4 billion by 2019, growing at a CAGR of almost 9%.
For liquid packaging applications, including bag-in-box, pillow and stand-up pouches and flex i-tank container liners, Exceed XP is said to produce "exceptionally strong" films that have excel lent flex crack resistance and toughness that prevents product leakage and contamination, helping manufacturers and brand owners protect and preserve their products through to the consumer.
Expenditures exceeded BGN 7.2 B, registering a decrease of BGN 305.
Abdul Rahim Al Moustapha, Regional Alliance Manager, Exceed Gulf said, "The synergies between the work culture and vision of both Exceed Gulf and Nexthink are very strong, and will play a major role in helping our customers realise the potential of their existing IT solutions.
(6) In an appeal from a judgment of conviction imposing a sentence of death or in an appeal from an order ruling on, after an evidentiary hearing, an initial postconviction motion filed under Florida Rule of Criminal Procedure 3.851, the initial and answer briefs shall not exceed 100 pages in length, provided that if a cross-appeal has been filed, the answer brief/ initial brief on cross-appeal shall not exceed 150 pages.
But for tickets issued prior to November 15, the total dimensions (length+ width+ height) of each piece must not exceed 158 cm (62 inches).
Exceed Beyond is a cloud application, securely hosted in a data center, and is accessible from Macs, PCs, and mobile devices, whereas Exceed!
This will be Exceed Physical Culture's third location with its other gyms situated on the Upper East Side and in East Hampton, NY.
Exceed IT Services' Customer Appreciation Event, held at Crowne Plaza Muscat, is part of a regional road show which is being held across the GCC - with events planned in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Manama and Doha over the coming weeks.
Exceed onDemand offers companies a centralized, scalable and load-balanced platform to manage the distribution of critical line-of-business applications to a geographically disparate user population.
The aims and tasks of the work are to determine the distribution of noise levels among zones and compare them with the noise level limit (NLL), to determine measurement places where the NLL is exceeded most often and analyse the causes predetermining the NLL excess.
According to income tax slabs and rates proposed by the senators, when taxable income does not exceed Rs 300,000 there would be no tax or income up to Rs 300,000 would remain exempted from the income tax.
Barclays Capital said it is launching the Barclays Capital Global Target Exceed Index which is the latest product to come from the Exceed platform.