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examine (someone) for (something)

To look closely at someone or something in search of something in particular. Please examine the patient in bed one for signs of infection.
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examine in

To test someone on their knowledge in a particular subject or area. A noun or pronoun can be used between "examine" and "in." The department head will examine you in all literature from the Restoration through the Victorian age.
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examine on (something)

To test someone on their knowledge in a particular subject or area. A noun or pronoun can be used between "examine" and "on." The department head will examine you on all literature from the Restoration through the Victorian age.
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need (one's) head examined

To be do, say, or believe something that seems completely crazy, delusional, or stupid. You need your head examined if you don't think giant corporations are in control of our legislators! You spent $400 on a T-shirt? You need your head examined.
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cross-examine someone

to question someone in court who has already been questioned by the opposing side; to question a suspect or a witness at great length. The lawyer plans to cross-examine the witness tomorrow morning. The police cross-examined the suspect for three hours.

examine someone in something

to give someone an examination in a particular subject or covering certain material. The committee examined her in her knowledge of history. I was examined in math.
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examine someone on something

to give someone an examination covering certain material. I will have to examine you on this chapter myself. The teacher examined Larry on his understanding of phonetics.
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examine someone or something for something

to inspect someone or something for the presence of something. I examined the child for signs of abuse. You had better examine this dog for ticks. Don't forget to examine yourself for ticks after you return from the hike.
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get one's head examined

Also, have one's head examined. One is crazy or absolutely wrong. For example, You like this food? Go get your head examined, or If you believe that story, you should have your head examined. This hyperbolic and usually jocular expression of disagreement may, thought Eric Partridge, allude to the now discredited field of phrenology, which holds that the configurations of the skull reveal mental and emotional characteristics. [Early 1900s]
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need your head examined

be foolishly irresponsible.
The implication here is that the examination will reveal proof of insanity.
1992 Patrick McCabe The Butcher Boy Any man thinks this work is easy needs his head examined—you want to be tough to work here!
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need, want, etc. your ˈhead examined

(informal) used for saying that somebody is behaving in a crazy or stupid way: She spent $300 on a pair of shoes? She needs her head examined.
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