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cram for an/the exam

To study for a test shortly before it is to happen. You might have gotten a higher grade if you didn't cram for the exam at the last minute.
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sit for (some)/(one's) exam

To take an examination in a formal setting or situation. You will have all your personal belongings inspected before you sit for the exam to ensure that no one is able to cheat. It was only when I sat for my final exam that I realized I had left my calculator at home. If my teacher hadn't convinced me to sit for the SAT, I never would have gotten into college.
See also: exam, sit

sit for an exam

to take an exam to qualify for a license, such as a bar exam. When do you sit for the bar exam? I will sit for the exam next week.
See also: exam, sit
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The Education Ministry's central administration assigned to monitor exam operations throughout Egypt asserted on Wednesday to Daily News Egypt that no leak of the chemistry exam occured.
To keep up to date on the latest compliance and licensing exam news, please follow Solomon Exam Prep on Twitter & LinkedIn.
To conduct the exam smoothly more than 1,000 teachers have been deputed as Resident Inspectors , Superintendents , Invigilators while District Monitoring Officer , EDO(Education) , DEO , DDEOs and mobile inspectors are closely supervising the exam process.
Post-exam guides will be available three to four months after the exams.
The questionnaire instrument used in the post-exam interview consisted of the same questions found on the pre-exam interview, except that two questions were eliminated because they were only pertinent to the students' exam preparation.
State High School Exit Exams series: A Baseline Report (August 2002), Put to the Test (August 2003), A Maturing Reform (August 2004)
verify that AP course offerings meet course-specific requirements related to curriculum, student resources, school resources and exam administration resources
Qualifications: Candidates must complete four courses, following a standard multiline approach or one of four specialty paths, and complete a two-hour exam with 85 computer-administered, multiple-choice questions.
When asked, "How important is it to your firm that young employees take the CPA Exam and get certified?
Before the new computerized CPA exam was unveiled earlier this year, hype surrounding the new test soared.
First, I talked to an NCTM friend who had taken the Certification Exam at the 2003 National Conference in Salt Lake City, and she agreed to be my mentor, even though neither of us really knew what that meant in any working sense.
Usually given once a year, the ABV exam is being offered twice this year.
This month the new, computerized version of the Uniform CPA Exam replaces its paper-and-pencil predecessor.
DAU continues to administer an equivalency exam for its Program Management Tools (PMT-250) course.