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exact (something) from (one)

To obtain something from someone through authority, force, or some other means of coercion. I doubt you'll be able to exact the entire amount from her because she doesn't make enough money to pay you back right now.
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to be (more) exact

To be more accurate; to provide better or more correct details. You'll need to pay nearly $500 for various entry visas to get into the country—$485, to be exact. It seems like the political party is finally starting to gain some amount of clout in parliament, or, to be more exact, they have become less marginalized and disliked.
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exact something from someone

to demand something from someone; to take something from someone. The bill collector sought to exact payment from them for a debt that had been paid off long ago. You cannot exact a single cent from me.
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This publication is further validation that stool DNA technology offers a powerful tool for physicians and patients in detecting colorectal cancer," said Don Hardison, EXACT Sciences' President and CEO.
MQ1 delivers a comprehensive quality solution that helps JobBOSS users focus on activities that add the highest value to their quality program," said Steve Massey, General Manager for Exact JobBOSS.
Speakers will include company executives Raj Patel, CEO of Exact Software, and Jim Kent, CEO of Exact Software Americas; Exact customers Roger Pujol, Assistant General Manager of Altman Lighting, and Todd Gallagher, co-founder of Apex Skypark and Apex Design Technology; and Exact business partner Alex Pombo, Worldwide Senior Director, Business Applications ISV, of Microsoft Corp.
EXACT Sciences Corporation uses applied genomics to develop effective, patient-friendly screening technologies for use in the detection of cancer.
has served as Controller and principal accounting officer at EXACT Sciences since November 2004.
Don Hardison, EXACT Sciences' President and Chief Executive Officer, is scheduled to deliver the presentation on Wednesday, December 14, 2005 at 3:50 p.
EXACT Sciences, an applied genomics company located in Marlborough, Massachusetts, develops novel screening technologies for the early detection of cancer, when diseases are most treatable.
The acceptance of four posters for presentation is gratifying and is evidence of the high quality science that EXACT is pursuing," commented Don Hardison, EXACT's President and Chief Executive Officer.
EXACT Sciences Corporation is a leader in rapidly applying genomics knowledge to develop effective, patient-friendly screening methods to detect cancer early, to assist physicians in saving patients' lives.
EXACT Sciences Corporation is a leader in applying genomics knowledge to develop patient-friendly screening methods to detect cancer early, to assist physicians in saving patients' lives.
During their presentation at the 2005 Merrill Lynch Global Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Device Conference, Don Hardison, EXACT Sciences Corporation (NASDAQ: EXAS) President and CEO, and Anthony Shuber, EXACT Sciences' Chief Technology Officer, described the Company's commercial and applied research objectives for 2005.
EXACT Sciences Corporation (NASDAQ: EXAS) announced today that the American Journal of Preventive Medicine has published the results of a patient preference study, which found that patients perceived stool-based DNA testing to have many advantages over both fecal occult blood testing (FOBT) and colonoscopy, and preferred stool-based DNA testing for their routine colorectal cancer screening.
Shuber, Chief Technology Officer for EXACT Sciences Corporation (NASDAQ: EXAS) presented advanced research relating to the Company's stool-based DNA test for colorectal cancer screening at the Gordon Research Conference on New Frontiers In Cancer Detection & Diagnosis, being held January 16 - 21 at the Santa Ynez Valley Marriott in Buellton, California.
Exact Sciences' Stool-Based DNA Testing Remains the Most Effective, Completely Non-Invasive Option for Population-Based CRC Screening
EXACT Sciences' colorectal cancer screening test - PreGen-Plus(TM) -- provides a more sensitive, non-invasive screening option for average risk 50-year-old+ Americans