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does (exactly) what it says on the tin

(Something) does precisely what it claims or is supposed to do. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland. This budget hostel isn't glamorous but does exactly what it says on the tin: it gives you a place to sleep at a very affordable price. This no-frills antivirus software is straightforward and does what it says on the tin.
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not exactly

1. Not quite; not too far from the truth. A: "So you'll be moving back to the city for the new job then?" B: "Not exactly. The wife and kids will stay where they are, and I'll commute back to them for the weekends." A: "Does that make me the manager?" B: "Not exactly—more like a co-manager with Ken."
2. Used sarcastically or ironically to mean "not at all." What do you think of the painting? I'm not exactly Picasso, but I think it turned out pretty well. They won't exactly be pleased to see us after the way the last dinner party went.
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not exactly

1 used when you are saying the opposite of what you really mean: He wasn’t exactly pleased to see us — in fact he refused to open the door.It’s not exactly beautiful, is it? (= it’s ugly)
2 used when you are correcting something that somebody has said: ‘So he told you you’d got the job?’ ‘Not exactly, but he said they were impressed with me.’
See also: exactly, not
References in classic literature ?
It was they who changed the little house you saw before you into the fountain for which you are now asking, and, having turned me into a frog, they ordered me to say to the first person who came to the fountain exactly what I repeated to you.
It had to do wonders for their confidence, though handling the likes of Rice and San Diego State does not exactly announce the arrival of a new college super power.
Furthermore, the weights of different elements will not accord exactly with the number of atomic mass units they possess.
It's exactly what he was looking for, and it's exactly what we thought it was.
Exactly how shadow matter relates to ordinary matter depends on assumptions made in the structure of the theory, and here Kolb, Seckel and Turner engage in some "what if: arguments.
We fly through the air at exactly the same speed I am flying through the steps of grief.
ANAHEIM - Ervin Santana's five-hit shutout of the Chicago White Sox on Monday didn't exactly send shock waves through the Angels organization, because they expected the 22-year-old Dominican to exhibit frontline-starter potential at some point.
My whole family is from Vanadzor, just exactly where they are from,'' said Mona Chilingaryan, 10, a Balboa Elementary student.
That's exactly what Dorafshar, founder of New Leash on Life Animal Rescue in Newhall, thought a few years ago as he walked out of a movie theater after seeing ``Best in Show.