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exact (something) from (one)

To obtain something from someone through authority, force, or some other means of coercion. I doubt you'll be able to exact the entire amount from her because she doesn't make enough money to pay you back right now.
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to be (more) exact

To be more accurate; to provide better or more correct details. You'll need to pay nearly $500 for various entry visas to get into the country—$485, to be exact. It seems like the political party is finally starting to gain some amount of clout in parliament, or, to be more exact, they have become less marginalized and disliked.
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exact something from someone

to demand something from someone; to take something from someone. The bill collector sought to exact payment from them for a debt that had been paid off long ago. You cannot exact a single cent from me.
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Indeed, Gianluca Rolandelli, eXact learning solutions' Professional Services Manager, commented that this feedback had already led to refinements in the latest versions of the eXact learning suite of products.
Exact specialises in developing industry-specific on premise and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for manufacturing, wholesale and distribution, professional services, small business and accountancy.
Exact EDI was created through a partnership with Data Masons Software, LLC, a firm specializing in advanced EDI solutions since 1992.
Steininger says blown-film producers have achieved 40% improvement in dart impact strength, 25 [degrees] C lower heat-seal initiation temperatures, and 25-50% lower haze by adding Exact plastomers.
There'll be a chance to learn from, and share with, fellow eXact learning LCMS users via a number of user case studies, presented by 'big name' organisations," Valerio added.
Exact 3033 was slightly higher in tensile strength, dart impact, and MD/TD balance than the APT resin, but was significantly lower in Elmendorf tear strength.
Exact Data ConsumerBase has experienced rapid growth over the past 3 years and an increase in revenue growth of 4 million dollars.
Melting point in Exact resins also varies directly with density, unlike conventional resins, which "tend to retain a high melting peak over a wide density range" because of the presence of high-ethylene-containing molecular species, said Hendewerk.