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evolve from (something) into (something)

To change or develop into a different form or thing. I heard that her latest work evolved from a short story into a novel.
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evolve out of (something) into (something)

To change or develop into a different form or thing. I heard that her latest work evolved out of a short story into a novel.
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(from something) (into something) and evolve out of something (into something) to develop from something to something else; to develop from a more primitive form to the present form. This creature evolved from a smaller, horselike creature into what we know as a horse. The human brain evolved out of a smaller and less complex form into the brain of today.
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Evolving Systems provides software and services for connected mobile devices to over 75 network operators in over 50 countries worldwide.
Lazard (NYSE:LAZ) and B Riley & Co consulted Evolving Systems on the deal.
Developing a training program seemed the most practical way to ensure that evolving team members shared the same leadership principles.
Our analysis begins by examining how defense industry transactions changed as a result of the advancement in technology and the need for integrated weapons, evolving government institutions, and impact of winner take al contracts.
There are five key questions that a firm must address to determine how prepared it is to adapt in the evolving insurance market:
* Determine the interventions and/or environments appropriate for evolving enterprise intelligence
Medicine is evolving from a cottage industry to an industrialized enterprise with all its attendant efficiencies and loss of individuality, much as manufacturing did one time.
This agreement places Evolving Systems' managed service at the center of a mission-critical function within the carrier, an existing customer already using Evolving Systems software solutions, and will support them in growing and maintaining market share and revenues in an increasingly dynamic and competitive market.
Evolving Alolan Meowth is a bit trick Since this version of Meowth is used to living the luxurious life with the royal family, it requires a lot of pampering and special treatment before it can change into Alolan Persian.
The solution is effectively an insurance policy against obsolescence and the risks of a rapidly evolving standard and segment."
In earlier work, Moran, Baumann, and others showed that as aphids evolved into different species, their bacteria accompanied them, evolving into new species in the same branching patterns as those of their hosts.
That's because application technology is rapidly evolving and is, therefore, more appropriate to a software-based device rather than a hardware-based device.
But in a new or evolving managed care market, you may see four or five levels of care and lots of exclusions, while a more highly evolved market will have one or two levels and no exclusions.
Kauffman's research program - one might almost say his obsession - is to demonstrate the possibility of providing better explanations than "accidents happen" when confronted with the intricate structure and behavior of complex evolving systems.
Now, as Mexico and other nations follow in our footsteps by industrializing, we are evolving to the next economic level, one that depends more on information and knowledge than on raw materials and manufacturing.