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evolve from (something) into (something)

To change or develop into a different form or thing. I heard that her latest work evolved from a short story into a novel.
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evolve out of (something) into (something)

To change or develop into a different form or thing. I heard that her latest work evolved out of a short story into a novel.
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(from something) (into something) and evolve out of something (into something) to develop from something to something else; to develop from a more primitive form to the present form. This creature evolved from a smaller, horselike creature into what we know as a horse. The human brain evolved out of a smaller and less complex form into the brain of today.
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The fourth chapter analyzes the emergence of strategic intelligence, its evolvement, development, and institutionalization.
Both the dignitaries discussed the rapid evolvement and evolution of the communication technology, thus enabling viewers to have easy and prompt access to information.
She added "This will put pressure on Public Relation Officers (and supporting Executive Committees) towards the continuous evolvement of their communication strategies as to best introduce knowledgeable topics to the media status quo."
He said: "Retail is all about evolvement. When we opened there was a very poor retail offer in Birmingham and our challenge was to get customers shopping back in the city.
Speaking at the meeting in Tehran on Sunday, Head of the EP Delegation for Relations with Iran Tarja Cronberg underlined "the fact that women in the Iranian parliament form their own fraction, have their own group, discuss things, and do research is an evolvement in the society".
These days the level of evolvement has gone high, the more the merrier." Sale of tickets for the concerts in India are expected to begin around August 15.
"God and Evolution or Evolvement: Essays into the 21st Century" is a discussion of the role of faith in science from Adolfo Caso who discusses many issues in academia and how the lessons of history still apply to the modern day.
Khalid Zamir, Head Product Planning & Development, Videocon Mobile Phones said, "With the evolvement of the Android space, the consumers are becoming smarter day by day and are demanding a pertinent solution to all their everyday smartphone needs.
"The collective evolvement of society has enabled greater empowerment of women," said Ms Ali.
Moreover, the promotion of alternate fuel has also been the need of the hour as the country was rich of this potential; however prior evolvement of the consensus should precede any final decision.
the idea is to better reflect the evolvement of the industry from one that has previously focused on traditional creative advertising to one that involves creativity in all forms of communication.
Where the 207 was svelte, the newcomer is more muscular, and that evolvement brings with it the benefit of creating more interior space and a car which is far easier to live with.
"The continuous evolvement of these standards together with greater processing requirements dictates a new silicon design approach that will enable semiconductor companies to reduce development time, minimize risk and also extend products' life-cycle.
Sisu need to remember that football is a luxury not a necessity and with the evolvement of modern technology you no longer need to attend the stadium to witness the game.
Titled "China's New Courtship in South Sudan", the report tracks the evolvement of political and economic relations between Beijing and Juba over the years that followed the signing in 2005 of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), which ended civil war in the former united Sudan and culminated in the south's secession in July last year.