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evolve from (something) into (something)

To change or develop into a different form or thing. I heard that her latest work evolved from a short story into a novel.
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evolve out of (something) into (something)

To change or develop into a different form or thing. I heard that her latest work evolved out of a short story into a novel.
See also: evolve, of, out


(from something) (into something) and evolve out of something (into something) to develop from something to something else; to develop from a more primitive form to the present form. This creature evolved from a smaller, horselike creature into what we know as a horse. The human brain evolved out of a smaller and less complex form into the brain of today.
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By employing the Internet, we also subscribe to the philosophy behind Internet architecture that is open, interoperable, evolvable, and network-accessible.
Throughout the Big Bang Fair, feedback was collected about the Evolvable Walking Aid Kit's visual assembly instructions to ensure it will be as intuitive as possible to assemble.
Customer Needs express functions for quick ramp-up, customisable for product family and evolvable for new variants.
It must be admitted that helping those people they too may be caught in the cellar, but leaving them there the father fails to fulfill his duty for others because "goodness is to protect lives, promote lives and to support the evolvable lives to achieve the highest value" (Schweitzer 59).
Since the launch vehicle is designed to be flexible and evolvable, being upgraded over time with more powerful versions, the seals will be able to support future demanding payloads including robotic scientific missions to places such as Mars, Saturn and Jupiter.
Through our evolvable transportation infrastructure, ongoing spaceflight architecture studies, and rapid prototyping activities, we are developing resilient architecture concepts that focus on critical capabilities across a range of potential missions.
Exploring biologically-inspired evolvable network applications with the BEYOND architecture: IEEE conference on BioInspired Models of Network, Information and Computing Systems, 1-8 (2006).
Automated design of analog circuits using cell-based structure, in Evolvable Hardware, 85-92.
In this paper, evolvable lossy image representation utilizing an image compared to its evolved generated counterpart image, is proposed.
The focus of our research is on developing technologies that are flexible, reliable and evolvable, and provide extremely low delays," he says.
The basic idea is to introduce a time dimension and an interpersonal cognition network into learning resources to make the learning resource evolvable.
Vanneschi, "Operator equalisation for bloat free genetic programming and a survey of bloat control methods," Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines, vol.
Birds out-shrank and out-evolved their dinosaurian ancestors, surviving where their larger, less evolvable relatives could not," says Associate Professor Lee.
These reinforce the purpose of being evolvable adapters rather than routine adopters of technology (Ouedraogo, 2005).
Research interests: multivariate analysis, statistical pattern recognition, data mining, artificial neural networks, deep learning, evolvable multi-agent systems, artificial economics, and artificial life.