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It is certain that the main discussion about evilness closely associates this word with tyranny or torture.
We wanted a way for the memory of the Marcos dictatorship--the evilness of the dictatorship, and the prophetic response of Christian groups--to be kept in the memory of everyone and passed to the younger generation.
The sum of one's choices determines the goodness or evilness of a person and his life.
"There was so much evilness surrounding [the stow], it just absolutely destroyed me," she said in court.
This studied inarticulateness says that war is not the result of the evilness or stupidity of men, nor the designs of God or Nature, it just happens, and there is nothing we can do about it.
The evilness of the perspective is what makes it morally bad and aesthetically bad.
The book wants to make sure that we are aware of the dragon's profound evilness.
Many important literary themes have arisen from the story of Adam and Eve, including the loss of innocence and the fall from grace, the garden as a symbol of innocence, the apple as a symbol of temptation, the evilness of the serpent, and the "mark of Cain." See also Lilith.
The protagonist's constant boasting about his own evilness and his addiction to gambling, his ponderous legal jargon, and his tedious narration of insignificant events (e.g., his first spectacularly successful major court case) do not make for an important or even skillful work.
We may sit down with a murderer and begin to understand how and why he came to act the way he does, but understanding him, even empathizing with him, does not keep us from judging his evilness.
The obvious fact that this device, which is at least as old as 1950's Night of the Hunter, is nothing more than a cheap way of intensifying a character's evilness, offering a stark contrast between his words and his actions, is far too subtle for Medved.
The flow can be controlled only if the press stays focused on its seminal evilness. There are enough culprits for all of us -- presidents and sheiks, tribal chiefs, Mafiosi, shady international businessmen, Pentagon and congressional dupes.
Although no studies have been done concerning the "evilness" of lefties others have looked at the accident rate and longevity of lefties compared to righties.
Talking to the media , he said that the incident had exposed the evilness existing in the society, in which the role of the media had been highly appreciable as the media creating awareness amongst the people about the sensitive issue.
Apart from claiming Holmes was Jack the Ripper, Mudgett said he also aims to prove that "there's no such thing as evilness being passed on generation."