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Then if a man says that justice consists in the repayment of debts, and that good is the debt which a man owes to his friends, and evil the debt which he owes to his enemies,--to say this is not wise; for it is not true, if, as has been clearly shown, the injuring of another can be in no case just.
He says that 'if he has corrupted the youth, he must have corrupted them involuntarily.' But if, as Socrates argues, all evil is involuntary, then all criminals ought to be admonished and not punished.
On the other hand, his hope of immortality is uncertain;--he also conceives of death as a long sleep (in this respect differing from the Phaedo), and at last falls back on resignation to the divine will, and the certainty that no evil can happen to the good man either in life or death.
SOCRATES: Is it not obvious that those who are ignorant of their nature do not desire them; but they desire what they suppose to be goods although they are really evils; and if they are mistaken and suppose the evils to be goods they really desire goods?
SOCRATES: Well, and do those who, as you say, desire evils, and think that evils are hurtful to the possessor of them, know that they will be hurt by them?
'But', Holy One, thou art innocent of all evil. May I be thy sacrifice!'
They strengthened me to do evil, to forget my Search.
In my own Hills, on the edge of my own country, in the very place of my evil desire, comes the buffet - here!' (He touched his brow.) 'As a novice is beaten when he misplaces the cups, so am I beaten, who was Abbot of Such-zen.
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It is in Sahih Muslim narrated on the authority of Abu Huraira that the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, 'The great and glorious Lord said (to angels) whenever my bondsman intends to commit an evil, do not record it, then write it as one evil and when he intends to do good but does not do so, then take it down as one act of goodness; but if he does it, then write down ten good deeds (in his record)' The following verse in Surah Al Imran corroborates the above saying of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), 'He that doeth good shall have ten times as much to his credit.
IF evils are followed due to greed or awe of some people's riches, worldly belongings and evil ways, it will encourage and build a corrupt society.
Roque, who has been a priest for 29 years, has been exorcising evil spirits for seven years now, even if his appointment as exorcist was only done last year.
According to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, there is a broad definition of evil and a narrow definition of evil.