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here, there, and everywhere

All over; in every place. After our weekend at the beach, there's sand here, there, and everywhere. We're been here, there, and everywhere looking for the cat, but no luck yet.
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learning is a treasure that follows its owner everywhere

proverb Information that one learns will continue to be of help or benefit throughout one's life. To me, college is a worthy investment because learning is a treasure that follows its owner everywhere.

learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere

proverb Information that one learns will continue to be of help or benefit throughout one's life. To me, college is a worthy investment because learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.
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here, there, and everywhere

Fig. everywhere; at all points. Fred searched here, there, and everywhere, frantically looking for the lost check. She did not rest until she had been here, there, and everywhere, shopping for just the right gift.
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here, there, and everywhere

In every possible place. For example, Flags hung here, there, and everywhere, making it a colorful occasion. [Late 1500s]
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flattery will get you ˈeverywhere/ˈnowhere

(spoken, humorous) praise that is not sincere will/will not get you what you want: Just remember — flattery will get you nowhere. There’s no point in trying to be nice to me so that I’ll give you what you want.

ˌhere, there, and ˈeverywhere

in, to, or from many different places: The letters came from here, there, and everywhere.We searched here, there, and everywhere, but couldn’t find the document they wanted.
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here, there, and everywhere

All over the place. This expression began in the thirteenth century as here and there, which we still use to describe something that is present but in no specific location. Christopher Marlowe appears to have been the first to use the longer form, in Doctor Faustus (ca. 1588): “If you turne me into any thing, let it be in the likelinesse of a little pretie frisking flea, that I may be here and there and euery where.” See also hither and thither.
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At the highest the effect was that of a concave relief map; Bert saw the dark and crowded land everywhere intersected by shining waters, saw the Hudson River like a spear of silver, and Lower Island Sound like a shield.
Everywhere it lifted itself rebelliously; everywhere authorities and officials left to their own imitative were joining in the arming and flag-hoisting and excitement of that afternoon.
In the valleys her and there might be seen a small flock of wild geese, an everywhere the ground was so soft that the snipe were abl to feed.
The state Board of Education recently approved rules implementing the Learn Everywhere program proposed by Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut and created by the Legislature last year.
announced that the new version of Gillett Publishing's Gillett Estate Management Suite (GEMS), released today, includes EVP Systems' EVP Everywhere integrated directly into it.
There are cases of unemployment and total lack of development everywhere in the country but it is worst in Benue State and particularly in Tiv land due to the severe bad leadership and lack of support of the Tiv youth by their people in positions of leadership and authority.
The wave of change has started to pick up force everywhere in the country as Pakistan gets ready to face newer and graver challenges.
Sialkot -- Former Minister for Foreign Affairs Khawaja Asif has said that caretaker government has become under taker adding that the crackdown has taken place everywhere.
EVERYWHERE Communications, Inc., has been launched to provide satellite and cellular connections for the millions of people and assets that require global connectivity for safety, security and productivity.
What I fear may spoil everything is the appalling squalor and litter that is strewn everywhere in parts of the city.
Certain areas that I travel through such as the Alum Rock Road have litter everywhere. Washwood Heath Road is also terrible, with black bags on the pavements that have been ripped open by animals and birds.
Summary: The adaptation of Celeste Ng's novel 'Little Fires Everywhere' follows Elena Richardson and a newcomer to her Cleveland suburb
Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington's upcoming drama series, "Little Fires Everywhere," just found its home.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 12, 2017-Listen Technologies Acquires ExXothermic's Audio Everywhere to Expand Assistive Listening Solutions
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