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here, there, and everywhere

All over; in every place. After our weekend at the beach, there's sand here, there, and everywhere. We're been here, there, and everywhere looking for the cat, but no luck yet.
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here, there, and everywhere

Fig. everywhere; at all points. Fred searched here, there, and everywhere, frantically looking for the lost check. She did not rest until she had been here, there, and everywhere, shopping for just the right gift.
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here, there, and everywhere

In every possible place. For example, Flags hung here, there, and everywhere, making it a colorful occasion. [Late 1500s]
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flattery will get you ˈeverywhere/ˈnowhere

(spoken, humorous) praise that is not sincere will/will not get you what you want: Just remember — flattery will get you nowhere. There’s no point in trying to be nice to me so that I’ll give you what you want.

ˌhere, there, and ˈeverywhere

in, to, or from many different places: The letters came from here, there, and everywhere.We searched here, there, and everywhere, but couldn’t find the document they wanted.
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here, there, and everywhere

All over the place. This expression began in the thirteenth century as here and there, which we still use to describe something that is present but in no specific location. Christopher Marlowe appears to have been the first to use the longer form, in Doctor Faustus (ca. 1588): “If you turne me into any thing, let it be in the likelinesse of a little pretie frisking flea, that I may be here and there and euery where.” See also hither and thither.
See also: and, everywhere
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