everything okay?

(Is) everything OK?

Are you all right? How are you? Said when one suspects that the person being addressed is feeling sad or not their usual self. Everything OK? You seem kind of tense today. A: "Is everything OK?" B: "Oh yeah, everything's fine." Is everything OK, Jane? It's not like you to snap at the kids like that.
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(Is) everything okay?

Inf. How are you?; How are things? John: Hi, Mary. Is everything okay? Mary: Sure. What about you? John: I'm okay. Waiter: Is everything okay? Bill: Yes, it's fine.
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filling my cup of coffee, asking, Is everything okay?
YOU know you live in a world suffering from hi-tech insanity when the waiter comes up with a worried look in the restaurant and says: "Is everything okay? You haven't photographed your food yet."
'Is everything okay?' asked the worried American to the shop owner.
"Everything okay?" The CO enquired detecting the weakness in the single word uttered by his junior.
Even when the man of the house was posted in a station where we could not join him, and he called once a week or so, there was nothing much we said beyond "Is everything okay? / Yes, everything's okay".
"Is everything okay?" Sabrina asks a grim looking Patrick in a preview clip.
"Is everything okay?!" For as long as I can remember, this has been my mother's idea of a normal phone greeting.
Walking between the beds of sick people as if in a minefield--don't touch me, don't let death touch me--and then Hello, dad, how's everything, everything okay?, you rest.
'She was worried that someone was trying to shoot you, is everything okay?' "I tried to talk my way out of it but I had no chance.
"Salam Alaikum!" Immediately after the brief greeting phrase he whispered in my ear politely: "Is everything okay?" meaning whether I needed a gravestone.
Is everything okay?" asked one unidentified woman in a message sent on Jan 8 2010.
"The first day probably affected (my wife) Rianna more than it did me because I was up early on the golf course playing a charity day and got a phone call from her saying, 'is everything okay? Is your job safe'?
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