everything's coming up roses

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everything's coming up roses

Things are going especially well. Wow, everything's coming up roses for me lately—I got the job I wanted and had a wonderful birthday celebration.
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Everything's coming up roses.

Fig. Everything is really just excellent. Life is prosperous. Life is wonderful. Everything is coming up roses. Q: How are things going? A: Everything's coming up roses.
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everything’s coming up ˈroses

(informal) everything is happening as well as or better than you hoped: She’s had an unhappy time recently but everything seems to be coming up roses for her now.
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EVERYTHING'S coming up roses for Birmingham Cathedral - which inspired the city's Chelsea Flower Show entry.
Everything's coming up roses with this Cath Kidston Aubrey leather bowling bag PS125 (www.
EVERYTHING'S coming up roses for this greenfingered lottery winner as he returns to his allotment.
April 8, 2008 /PRNewswire/ -- Spring's just around the corner, and everything's coming up roses -- and baseball -- in Oakland, California, where they're getting ready to put on an amazing free show unlike anything that's ever been seen before: a salute to both spring activities
Everything's coming up roses in Bishopsgarth - or should that be hyacinths
EVERYTHING'S coming up roses for lawn treatment service Green Thumb after it was named one of the UK's top franchisors.
EVERYTHING'S coming up roses on the ironing board cover from Kays Lifestyle, which costs pounds 19.
IT MUST be spring because everything's coming up roses on fabrics and wallpapers - flower power is back with a vengeance.
Why it's here: Everything's coming up roses for gay writer Alan Ball's mordant satire of suburbia and its discontents, With a commanding eight nominations, it's the stylish front-runner, poised to score both a Best Picture win and a trophy for first-time film director Sam Mendes (who directed Broadway's recent Cabaret revival).
EVERYTHING'S coming up roses at Croxteth Park annual flower show on Sunday and Monday, August 27 and 28, from 1pm-5pm and 11am to 4.
For Connie and Carla, everything's coming up roses, naysaying boyfriends and snoring audience members notwithstanding.
Everything's coming up roses for a dedicated band of East Cleveland conservationists.
EVERYTHING'S coming up roses for Scent From The Islands, a family-run online florist.
EVERYTHING'S coming up roses at Caerphilly Garden Centre after it was named the Best Garden Centre in Wales for the second year running.
The show, a movie hit for Hollywood star Natalie Wood in 1962, tells the story of stripper Gypsy Rose Lee's life and features songs like Let Me Entertain You, Everything's Coming Up Roses and You Gotta Get a Gimmick.