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Meg arranged the tea table, Jo brought wood and set chairs, dropping, over-turning, and clattering everything she touched.
Mignonette it shall be if only you will write to inform me of everything in detail.
Nor can the same one action be good and bad: this law holds good with everything that is not substance.
She hoped it was not wrong; though, after a time, Susan's very great admiration of everything said or done in her uncle's house, and earnest longing to go into Northamptonshire, seemed almost to blame her for exciting feelings which could not be gratified.
That a girl so capable of being made everything good should be left in such hands, distressed her more and more.
He had last written to her from Canada, after he first met Winifred, telling her that everything was changed with him--that he had met a woman whom he would marry if he could; if he could not, then all the more was everything changed for him.
It was youth and poverty and proximity, and everything was young and kindly.
As for his imagination, it sails away from everything.
Everything that ventures forth beyond the protection of the grateful shadow of mediocrity has something startling about it.
I had given up everything to society, but it had given me nothing in return; and my child was not enough to satisfy my heart, because I was not a woman.
This wantonness and folly did I put in place of that Will, when I taught that "In everything there is one thing impossible--rationality
Besides his town palace, the Marquis had castles and palaces in various quarters of the three kingdoms, whereof the descriptions may be found in the road-books--Castle Strongbow, with its woods, on the Shannon shore; Gaunt Castle, in Carmarthenshire, where Richard II was taken prisoner--Gauntly Hall in Yorkshire, where I have been informed there were two hundred silver teapots for the breakfasts of the guests of the house, with everything to correspond in splendour; and Stillbrook in Hampshire, which was my lord's farm, an humble place of residence, of which we all remember the wonderful furniture which was sold at my lord's demise by a late celebrated auctioneer.
Most unpleasant of all was the first minute when, on coming, happy and good-humored, from the theater, with a huge pear in his hand for his wife, he had not found his wife in the drawing-room, to his surprise had not found her in the study either, and saw her at last in her bedroom with the unlucky letter that revealed everything in her hand.
Yet, and she remembered it well, the teaching in the orphan asylum, God had made everything.
Raskolnikov did not miss a word and learned everything about her.
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